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Water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber 6-step leak detection

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Water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber 6-step leak detection

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The water-cooled xenon lamp aging test box can simulate the full daylight spectrum and simulate the aging law of materials under different environmental conditions. Based on this, the weather resistance of materials and products is evaluated, and it has been applied in many industries. Mainly introduce the 6-step leak detection of the xenon lamp aging test chamber.

1. Pressure leak detection of the refrigeration system of the xenon lamp aging test chamber. This method is easy to find leaks in the exposed parts of the refrigeration system, and then find the internal leakage. If the refrigeration system does not leak, it can be determined that the refrigeration system is dirty.

2. Freezer leak detection of xenon lamp test chamber: Open the overhaul cover at the back of the test chamber, there is a low pressure tube, a capillary tube, and a low temperature chamber. Weld the low-pressure pipe, the capillary connection, the capillary one end sealed, the low-pressure pipe welded interface is connected to a 5mm x 30mm copper pipe, and one end is connected to a three-way valve (with a 2.4kg pressure gauge). If the nitrogen pressure does not leak, the secondary evaporator will not Leakage: If the nitrogen seal is not tight, it means that the low-temperature chamber evaporator is leaking.

3. Internal leakage of the evaporator of the xenon lamp test chamber: the low pressure tube, capillary tube, welded part of the copper tube, low pressure tube, and capillary tube welded to the rear of the xenon lamp aging test box. Used to repair the low-pressure end of the compressor, use a 5mmX300mm copper pipe when welding, and connect a three-way maintenance valve (with a 2.4kg pressure gauge) to the other end, such as nitrogen is added to the system, the freezer evaporator, and the exposed part of the compressor is condensed Filters, filters, capillary tubes, solenoid valves, capillary lines, indicating that the pressure is maintained normal: If the nitrogen pressure leaks, it needs to be welded and replaced in time.

Water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber 6-step leak detection(图1)

4. The refrigeration cycle of the xenon lamp aging test chamber. It can be seen from the schematic diagram that the low-temperature box evaporator is composed of two parts, so the internal leakage should be inspected twice. First, uncover the tin foil paper behind the BCD203B and the lower left lower tube box, which contains two low-pressure copper pipes. First, push out the welding head part by hand, and weld the copper pipe joints, install quick joints (or three-way valves) on the two copper pipe ports, and then weld the return pipe of the compressor to connect quickly Return to the trachea.

5. Fill the two quick connectors (or three-way valves) with 1MPa compressed dry nitrogen, depending on whether the pressure gauge drops, the following is to reduce the internal leakage of the greenhouse evaporator.

6. But when carrying out the pressure test, pay attention to the change of the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature drops, the pressure cannot be maintained at a constant pressure.

Xenon lamp aging test is an important method for formula screening of product ingredients in the scientific production process, and it is also an important content of product quality testing. For some common faults, equipment operators need to learn more!

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