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Plastic oxygen index detector experiment method

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Plastic oxygen index detector experiment method

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Plastic oxygen index detector is used to judge the difficulty of burning when the material is in contact with flame in the air. It is suitable for homogeneous solid materials, laminated materials, soft sheets and film materials.

Plastic oxygen index detector experiment method(图1)

The oxygen index test method is to vertically clamp a sample of a certain size in a transparent combustion cylinder with a sample holder, in which a certain ratio of oxygen and nitrogen mixed air flow flowing from the bottom to the top is mixed. After igniting the upper end of the sample, observe the subsequent burning phenomenon, and record the continuous burning time or burning distance. When the burning time of the sample exceeds 3min or the flame front exceeds the 50mm mark, reduce the oxygen concentration. When the burning time of the specimen is less than 3min or the flame front is less than the mark, increase the oxygen concentration. Repeat the operation and gradually approach the stipulation from the upper and lower sides. Value, the concentration difference between the two is less than 0.5%. Test a set of samples in different oxygen concentrations to determine the lowest oxygen concentration when the plastic just maintains a stable combustion, expressed as the volume percentage of the oxygen content in the mixed gas.

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