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Textile and children's toy materials UL94 Flame Chamber new standard

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Textile and children's toy materials UL94 Flame Chamber new standard

Author: Date :2022-01-11 Views: order

QINSUN textile and children's toy material UL94 Flame Chamber safe combustion performance and GB6675 standard requirements design and manufacture, using ISO6941-compliant burner, used to test the combustion performance of various toy products and their ancillary materials. 

Textile and childrens toy materials UL94 Flame Chamber new standard(图1)

1. Clothing worn by children, especially including shawls, fluttering clothes and types of goods;

2. Toys that children can enter (such as toy tents and dollhouses);

3. Children's huggable toys (soft-filled toys);

4. Children's wear such as masks and wigs;

5. Beards, tentacles, wigs, masks and other headgear toys containing plush or other accessory materials.

Textiles and children's toy materials UL94 Flame Chamber adopts integral air intake ignition system, and the combustion delay is only 0.1 seconds to ensure sufficient combustion time of the gas; black background, multi-functional flame gauge, flame adjustment work becomes simple; the inner wall of the box is black, The illuminance is less than 20lx, the box is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2, and the observation window is large; the imported high-precision digital display instrument has a beautiful appearance; it integrates many advantages of similar products at home and abroad, with stable performance and convenient operation.

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