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Give your plush fabric surfaces a check - Flammability Tester

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Give your plush fabric surfaces a check - Flammability Tester

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Plush fabric surface Flame Chamber is suitable for plush fabric and surface of the fabric components with plush surface burning test. Flames spread rapidly on the fabric surface, but the fabric's base fabric structure does not burn. Its mobile butane burner moves laterally on the surface of the fabric to observe whether there is a surface flame and record the damage to the base fabric

1, plush fabric surface Flame Chamber in line with the standard.

1.1 in line with BS4569-1983 "lint fabric and fabric components with lint on the surface flammability (surface ignition)

1.2 in line with EN71-2-2011 "toy safety - Part 2: flammability";

1.3 Comply with ASTM F963-2017 "Toy Safety";

UL94 Flame Chamber

2, plush fabric surface Flame Chamber main technical parameters.

2.1 Made of stainless steel material;

2.2 fire nozzle lateral movement speed of 150 mm / s ± 5 mm / s;

2.3 burning head moving distance ≥ 300 mm;

2.4 can test the fabric lint height 0-70mm;

2.5 flame height 0-60mm continuously adjustable;

2.6 burner: 3 mm inner diameter, 7 mm outer diameter, four Φ1.7 mm ventilation holes at the bottom of the nozzle;

2.7 Gas: butane gas;

2.8Adopt precision flow valve to adjust the flame height;

2.9 Mobile drive: using imported stepper motor control;

2.10 Specimen fixture: using automatic clamping device;

2.11 ignition mode: electronic ignition gas flame;

2.12 equipped with measuring scale 1;

2.13 power supply voltage 220V±10%, 50HZ;

2.14 weight: 30 kg

2.15 Dimension: 600×400×370 mm(L×W×H)

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