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ISO 11925-2 Flammability testers for building materials

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ISO 11925-2 Flammability testers for building materials

Author: Date :2023-02-08 Views: order

Flammability Testers for Building Materials Purpose: Flammability test - single source fire resistance test using the German KleinBrenner principle to determine the flammability of building materials when subjected to a small flame impact in a vertical direction. It is suitable for testing construction materials in the relevant categories B, C, D, E, Bfl, Cfl, Dfl and Efl classification tests.

Conforms to standards.

GB/T8624-2007 Classification of burning properties of building and decoration materials (products) Flammability test

DIN 4102-1-B2 Classification classes for building material requirements and testing Flammability testing

GB/T8626-2007, ISO 11925-2 Test method for flammability of building materials

Furniture Flammability Tester

Product specifications.

Annex A Sample holder and specimen template 

Anemometer range 0 to 10 m/s 

Timer accuracy: 0.1S

Product characteristics.

All stainless steel construction with anti-corrosion case for maximum instrument life.

two tempered glass doors for easy observation of the test condition.

Specimen holder can be moved up and down, left and right to ensure that the flame burning point is in the centre of the sample or at a defined distance.

the burner is mounted on a sliding rail for freedom of movement

Equipped with two types of sample holder and sample template made of stainless steel and moulded for impact

angle of ignition source: vertical, 45°.

equipped with an imported rotameter for flame height adjustment

Equipped with flame measuring device

Equipped with digital anemometer, thermometer, and stopwatch for flow, temperature and time determination

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