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Horizontal and 45 degree combustion testing machine

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Horizontal and 45 degree combustion testing machine

Author: Date :2024-06-03 Views: order

  Product Introduction

  The AA03 horizontal and 45 degree combustion testing machine is an automated combustion testing device used to measure the reaction of materials to a fire source. The sample can be placed horizontally and at a 45 degree angle to determine the duration of material combustion and the development time of the material after exposure to flames, as well as the length of the charred portion. The instrument is widely used and can effectively evaluate the combustion performance of materials used in aircraft and protective clothing.

  Part of the product accessories

  (1) Flame measuring tools, some of which display the height of the flame cone (about 22 millimeters), and the other part displays the height of the flame tip (about 38 millimeters).

  (2) Double frame sample holder, size: 254 x 254mm, for material 45 degree testing.

  Technical characteristics

  1. Desktop digital programmable TermoCrono timer

  --Burning exposure time;

  --Drip duration;

  --Temperature detection mode (minimum combustion temperature+850 ° C);

  --K-type thermocouple connector for combustion temperature detection.

  2. Adopting AISI304 stainless steel structure, the interior of the box is black, and the instrument is sturdy and sturdy, with a beautiful appearance.

  3. Two types of sample brackets: dual frame sample brackets for 45 degree testing; The U-shaped sample holder is used for horizontal testing.

  4. Equipped with safety glass doors for easy testing and observation.

  5. The diameter of the Bunsen burner is 10 millimeters, equipped with a safety valve to control the flow of combustion gas.

  6. Equipped with a pressure gauge for controlling pressure.

  7. Design a tray for collecting drips.

  8. Dimensions: 615 x 320 x 787h mm

  9. Weight: 25kg

  10. Power supply: 230VAC, 50Hz 1A

  11. Gas supply: methane

  technical parameter

  AITM 2.002

  BSS 7230

  FAR 25.853 F part 1

  FTM 191A method 5903

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