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Hohenstein certification complies with new PPE regulation

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Hohenstein certification complies with new PPE regulation

Author: Date :2018-04-16 Views: order
The Hohenstein Group has successfully passed the test for accredited and notified bodies in the product sector of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and may continue to certify in accordance with the new PPE regulation. The current PPE directive 89/686/EEC directive for the certification of personal protective equipment is valid until 20 April 2018. Afterwards, the certification body of the Hohenstein Group will only issue EU type examination certificates in accordance with the new regulation.
“The Hohenstein Group has adapted itself to the new requirements after receiving renewed approval for accreditation and notification. Thus, with the Hohenstein Group, you have an internationally renowned and independent partner at your side who will conduct all tests and certifications for you that are important and necessary for manufacturing and selling your products in the European Economic Area,” the Institute explained.
Personal protective equipment has a preventative health function in the world of work – for those working in trades and crafts, as well as laboratory technicians and the fire brigade. For this reason, it is important that protective clothing complies with the high demands of harmonised standards. The new regulation now expands the application area to include private use so that these users too can benefit from the same level of protection.
Personal protective equipment always requires a CE certification label in the EU. As the application areas for PPE are very diverse, PPE is divided into three different categories. Personal protective equipment in protection category II and III (high/deadly risks) is subject to a conformity evaluation process by a certification body/notified body, such as the Hohenstein Group.
“The Hohenstein Group can carry out these EU type examinations for your PPE. In doing this, we confirm that your PPE meets the relevant provisions of the regulation,” the Institute commented. “As a notified body we also carry out quality assurance in the form of product tests. We test the uniformity of the product and conformity of the PPE with the certified sample.”
The Hohenstein Group is an internationally renowned and independent testing institute. As an accredited and notified body with modern laboratories, it can offer manufacturers and retailers a wide range of testing services and certifications for their products.


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