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45 ° Flammability Test Method

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45 ° Flammability Test Method

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45 ° Flammability Test

According to the test method, the damage area is determined by the planimeter, but it is difficult to apply the planimeter to the cloth sample directly measurement, this is because the fabric burns, some fabrics burn after shrinkage, make the cloth surface extremely uneven. So we’re using the planimeter , the damaged and shrinking parts must be fully expanded. The original length and width of the specimen shall be basically maintained, and the surface shall be duplicated on retracing paper.  And then use the planimeter to measure the area on the paper. This method is convenient and accurate.
In addition, for fragile fabric and although there is no brittle damage, but the damaged boundary is not clear samples must be torn, the damage area is removed, otherwise the damaged area is not accurate. In the non-formal test, which is the process test, the damaged area can be used to calculate the weight. Use of carbon paper to rewrite the damaged area on the standard quantitative calculation paper, the drawing of the scissors is taken on the scales, and the damaged area is calculated according to the weight of the paper weight per square meter. But should pay attention to the method requires the standard to calculate the paper uniformly; otherwise it will affect the test results.
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