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Flammability and Fire Testing

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Flammability and Fire Testing

Author: Date :2018-12-29 Views: order
Verify that your building products or systems meet designated fire and flammability requirements:
Conduct applicable testing on your products to ensure compliance to local, state or national building codes. From construction products and cables, to textiles and furniture, testing for fire resistance, flammability, and flame spread is often required before these products can be accepted for installation.
With the ability to conduct tests to ANSI/UL, ASTM, CAN/ULC, and NFPA standards, partnering with us gives you access to one of the most diverse portfolios of testing services in the world. Whether you require testing to industry requirements or association standards, custom testing for research and development, or certification for your product or system, we have the expertise you need.
Fire Resistance:
Determine the ability of a material, product, or assembly to withstand a fire or provide protection for a period of time.
Flame Spread:
Measure the propagation of a flame away from the source of ignition across the surface of a material or assembly and evaluate the potential for spreading flames in the event of a fire.
Reaction to Fire:
Understand the response when your product is exposed, under specified conditions, and how it’s material contributes to the flame through decomposition.


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