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Analysis of the factors affecting the abrasion resistance of

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Analysis of the factors affecting the abrasion resistance of

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Abrasion is one aspect of wear and is the rubbing away of the component fibers and yarns of the fabric.
Condition of specimen: The fabric should be conditioned and tested in a standard testing atmosphere.
Choice of testing instrument: The choice of testing instrument may be dependent upon the character of the testing desired, e .g-flat abrasion, flexing abrasion, etc.
Choice of abrasive motion: The rubbing movement may be reciprocating, rotary or multidirectional.
Direction of abrasion: The direction of abrasion can be at angles to the warp and weft directions.
Choice of abradant: The severity of the abrasion will vary with the nature of abradant. For example: steel and silicon carbide give constant abrasive qualities. A standard worsted or canvas fabric, emery cloth of various grade are also used as abradant.
Backing the specimen: The hardness of the backing of the specimen may affect the results. In some testes a hard backing is used, in others a felt or foam rubber.
Cleanliness of the specimen and instrument: The region to be abraded should be handled as little as possible and be free from foreign matter such as graphite of pencils. The accessories of the instrument which may rub the fabric must be spotlessly clean and free from grease.
Tension on the specimen: Standard method of mounting the specimen should be used to avoid errors due to variation in the tension used.
The pressure between abradant and specimen: The severity of the abrasion will be affected by the pressure applied. So suitable standard must be set up.
The end point of the test: The test should be frequently stopped as soon as the hole appeases or the specimen breaks by automatic stop motion.


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