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Test method for burning rate of toy filler

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Test method for burning rate of toy filler

Author: Date :2020-10-16 Views: order
European and American developed countries are give high priority to children's education and daily life and they have very high requirements for the usual toys. Therefore, the relatively mature toy industry in Europe and American countries has developed a series of industry standard requirements based on the characteristics of its own products. These requirements not only enhance the safety performance of the product, but also have extremely high requirements for product quality.
Regarding the cleanliness of filled toys there are special regulations in Pennsylvania----”Subchapter H.STUFFED TOYS General Provisions 47.317”:Dirt and other foreign substances shall not exceed 1.0% of the mass; Dirt and other foreign substances do not exceed 1.0% of the mass; oil and oil components do not exceed 1.0% of the mass; lead content does not exceed 0.002%; arsenic content does not exceed 0.0002%; ammonia content does not exceed 5.0%; urea content does not exceed 1.0%; Should no have stone, other hard impurities, sharp pointed or edged impurities; No static electricity, the filler should no enter the ear or nostrils; Surface burning rate < 4in2/s (lin=0. 0254m)o.
A test method for the burning rate of toy fillers, which includes steps:Accurately weigh the right amount of filler, evenly fill or tile into the burning shelf or burning grid; In a certain test environment, ignite candle, the top of the flamed candle is brought into contact with the surface of the burning shelf or the end of the burning grid for S1 seconds or until the filling is ignited;Remove the candle and let the above filler burn for S2 seconds in the state of continuous spontaneous combustion;Extinguish the flame and measure the size of the burned filler, calculate the burning rate of the filler.The invention has the advantages of simple operation, intuitive result and simple calculation.


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