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The importance of children's clothing testing agencies is in

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The importance of children's clothing testing agencies is in

Author: Date :2021-08-30 Views: order
In the design and production process of children's clothing, safety factors must be considered. The international community is paying more and more attention to the testing of children's clothing, and a number of laws and regulations have been issued to protect children's physical and mental health.
What are the international standards for children's clothing testing?
1. The British National Standard BS7907: 2007, which was just released in December 2007, is more detailed than the previous 1997 version, which requires that buttons and other accessories should not fall off under the action of a force of less than 70N;
2. The European standard EN14682: 2007 edition was also released in December 2007. It is stipulated that the rope on the clothes pocket cannot be looped into a noose with a diameter greater than 75mm, and the average length of the rope protruding outside the clothes must exceed 23mm;
3. European standard EN71-2 stipulates: the flame burning speed of the fabric does not exceed 30mm/s;
4. The EU Directive 2002/61/EC stipulates that hazardous azo dyes are restricted in all member states;
5. EU Directive 2005/84/EC stipulates that the content of diethyl phthalate (DEHP) shall not exceed 0.1%, etc.
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The content of heavy metals, lead and nickel, as the key controlled substance in children's clothing, exceeds the standard
The lead content in the resin patterns or fabric coatings printed on some children's clothing exceeds the limit; the metal auxiliary materials used such as buttons, zippers, rivets, buttons, and decorative plates contain nickel coatings or are made of nickel alloys. Once absorbed by the human body, heavy metals will accumulate in the liver, bones, kidneys, heart and brain of the human body, causing irreversible damage to health.
The content of diethyl phthalate exceeds the standard
Some polyethylene materials used in children's clothing, such as plastic bibs, plastic reflective strips, plastic decorative plates, holiday performance accessories, etc., contain excessive amounts of diethyl phthalate. Excessive content of diethyl phthalate will cause infertility in adulthood or adversely affect the fetus.
Contains banned azo dyes
Prohibited azo dyes under certain conditions reduce certain aromatic amines that have carcinogenic effects on the human body, and through activation, change the structure of human DNA, causing human diseases and inducing cancer.
Excessive formaldehyde content
As a finishing additive in the textile process, formaldehyde is usually contained in resin or other additives. Formaldehyde has been identified by the World Health Organization as a carcinogenic and teratogenic substance. Excessive formaldehyde can cause severe inflammation of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract, and can also cause dermatitis. Children's respiratory tract and skin are very delicate, poor tolerance, and more harm.
Other substances that affect the physical and mental health and safety of children
For example, the compass ornaments on a certain kind of children's clothing are filled with alkane mineral oil, which can easily cause chemical pneumonia after inhalation.
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