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FFZ418 textile moisture absorption and heating performance t

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FFZ418 textile moisture absorption and heating performance t

Author: Date :2021-09-09 Views: order
Application of FFZ418 Textile Moisture Absorption and Heating Performance Tester:
It is used to test the moisture absorption and heating performance of textiles, and other temperature inspection tests can also be carried out.
Standards compliant:
GB/T 29866-2013, FZ/T 73036-2010, FZ/T 73054-2015 Appendix A and other standard requirements.
Instrument characteristics:
1. Stainless steel cabinet design, anti-corrosion and no rust.
2. The panel is made of imported special aluminum.
textile testing instruments
3. Color touch screen display, beautiful and generous, menu operation mode.
4. Control device: Programmable temperature and humidity controller TEMI580. It can display the working status of setting parameters, time, heater, etc., and has the functions of automatic test operation and PID parameter self-tuning.
5. After the test is completed, a temperature change curve is generated, and a report is generated automatically from the calculation result.
6. Imported high-precision temperature sensor is adopted.
7. The main low-voltage electrical components adopt well-known brand products: such as Schneider AC contactors, thermal overload relays, OMRON small intermediate relays, Delixi circuit breakers, Taiwan Fanyi water level float switches, etc.
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