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Precautions for the use of the combustion tester

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Precautions for the use of the combustion tester

Author: Date :2021-09-16 Views: order
The flame tester is mainly used to determine the flame retardant properties of clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics, and tent fabrics that have flame retardant requirements. It is also suitable for the flame retardant properties of rubber/plastics and other materials that have flame retardant requirements.
So what are the requirements and precautions when we operate and use the combustion tester? Let's take a look at it together.
The combustion tester mainly involves a large number of safety hazards, and these hazards require different safety precautions. The personnel who use the tester are limited to those who have been trained to know and understand the contents of the operation manual.
Operators should be able to independently identify hazards and be able to take safety measures when necessary. The operator should be aware of the current specifications, standards and safety protection regulations, which must be considered when the operator conducts the test.

Toxic gas, burning and explosion hazard

1. During combustion, especially plastic samples may emit harmful gases. Once the fire test protection fails or toxic gas leaks, it may accumulate indoors and outdoors.
2. When the instrument is on, do not leave the instrument unattended.
3. When you leave, turn off the air supply switch.
4. Before you leave, fully open the observation window.
5. The observation window cannot be opened during the test.
6. As long as the sample is still burning, the observation window cannot be opened.
7. The combustion chamber has not been emptied, and the observation window cannot be opened.
8. If you smell an odor nearby, do not operate the instrument.
9. Since the oxygen used in the experiment comes from the surrounding environment, please ensure that the air around the instrument is flowing smoothly.
 flame tester

Electric current is dangerous

1. The instrument must be equipped with a grounding safety protection system and comply with VDE.
2. Unplug the power plug before replacing the internal ignition element.
3. When there is liquid on the electronic components or the exhaust fan, quickly unplug the power plug. Find a professional to deal with it.
4. If the instrument has a problem or makes abnormal sounds, immediately turn off the instrument and unplug the power cord. Find a professional or after-sales service to deal with.

Other security risks

 In addition to the danger of electric current, during the working process, due to the mechanical influence of the instrument, it may also cause dangers such as poisonous gas, fire and explosion damage. These effects include:
1. Close the observation window often.
2. Do not lean your head or other parts near the open observation window.
3. Since the exhaust fan will generate low pressure in the test room, ensure that the air around the instrument in the work area is unobstructed.
4. Do not put other instruments or test components on the instrument.
5. When starting the instrument, make sure that the instrument is placed in a safe location and meets the ergonomic working height.
6. Incorrect operating behavior may cause personal injury, smoke and noise generated by control components and exhaust fans, damaged front windows or other mechanical components, visible gas pipeline damage or irreducible obvious gas leakage, should be shut down immediately Apparatus, make corresponding marks to ensure safety, until professionals eliminate hidden dangers.
Note: In order to protect the operator, avoid contact with unhealthy gases, and reduce the risk of explosion, this device contains a test fire protection component. If the flame goes out, the test fire protection will automatically shut off the gas source and stop the gas supply to the burner. 

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