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Friction and wear tester advantages

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Friction and wear tester advantages

Author: Date :2021-09-18 Views: order
Speaking of springs, I believe that no one will be unfamiliar, springs as a common accessory, is used in a large number of machinery, vehicles, the main parts of the above, so the performance requirements are very strict, after production, before use, the spring to undergo rigorous testing before officially put into use.
Friction and wear testing machine is mainly used for a variety of springs and steam springs for conventional mechanical performance index testing, has been widely used in a variety of petrochemical, spring factory, automotive manufacturing, plastic and rubber, engines, pharmaceutical packaging and other manufacturing industries, product quality supervision departments at all levels and universities and colleges for teaching demonstration work.
Friction and wear tester
In general, the advantages of the tester are the following three points: first, a high degree of automation, in the whole process of the test, can automatically display the test force, peak value and test status in real time; not only can automatically achieve the calibration of the accuracy of the indicated value, but also automatically obtain the force value corresponding to the displacement, when the test parameters are entered, you can automatically complete the test process; and when the specimen is broken, you can also move the beam and automatically stop moving. Secondly, the gear conversion function, according to the size of the test force, switch to the appropriate range, so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data; and, limit protection function, the test machine with mechanical and program-controlled two-level limit protection function, to avoid causing mechanical accidents, higher safety.
These are the three outstanding advantages of the friction and wear testing machine, for many industries, this testing machine is very necessary and important, so choose a reliable, professional production company is the most important, the company is a professional R & D, production, sales in one of the testing machine production enterprises.
At present, the main products are friction and abrasion test machine series, material testing machine, constant temperature and humidity chamber and so on a variety of mechanical properties and material testing test equipment, the products are produced in accordance with standardized, and after strict testing and inspection qualified, and can provide a perfect, thoughtful after-sales service, I believe it is your choice of quality testing machine wise choice!

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