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Horizontal and vertical combustion tester working principle

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Horizontal and vertical combustion tester working principle

Author: Date :2021-09-30 Views: order
Horizontal vertical burning tester is mainly used to determine the burning performance of plastic, rubber or film under the specified fire source to judge its fire resistance level. The tester is to use the prescribed size of the Bunsen burner and a specific gas source, according to a certain flame height and a certain angle of application of flame to the horizontal or vertical state of the test product is timed to burn a number of times, to test the ignition of the product, the duration of the burning and the test product under the padding of the ignition material to assess its combustibility.
Horizontal and vertical combustion tester products are suitable for lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tools and appliances, motors, electric tools, electronic instruments, electrical instruments, information technology equipment, electrical services equipment, electrical connections and accessories and other electrical and electronic products and their components of research, production and quality inspection departments, but also for insulation materials, engineering plastics or other solid combustible materials industry.

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Horizontal vertical combustion tester instructions for use

1, from the touch screen into the 50w horizontal combustion test operation interface
2, in one end of the sample 25mm and 100mm, perpendicular to the long axis of the two markers, in the other end of the 25mm marker, so that the specimen and the vertical axis parallel, and the horizontal axis tilt 45 degrees position clamped specimen, Bunsen burner and specimen relative position adjustment
3, rotate the pressure gauge, the pressure gauge only for the switch application, generally do not show the reading, so that the flowmeter shows suitable gas flow, and then fine-tune the flowmeter
4, press the ignition button on the instrument panel, ignite the Bunsen burner
5, adjust the gas flow, and adjust the knurled nut at the lower end of the Bunsen burner to produce a 20mm high blue flame when the lamp is in a vertical position. Tilt the Bunsen burner at 45 degrees.
6、Push the Bunsen burner push rod to push the Bunsen burner into position and the flame application time will start counting down
7. At the end of the flame application time, pull back the Bunsen burner. After stopping the flame application, if the specimen continues to burn (including flaming or flameless burning), use the panel button key to record the burning time t (unit of seconds) from the 25 mm marker to the burning termination of the burning front, and record the burn length L, (unit of millimeters) from the 25 mm marker to the burning termination.
The principle of horizontal and vertical combustion tester is to clamp one end of the specimen horizontally or vertically, apply the prescribed gas flame to the free end of the specimen, and evaluate the combustion performance of the specimen by measuring the linear burning speed (horizontal method) or flameless burning and flameless burning time (vertical method), etc.

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