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Performance analysis of Toy Safety Flammability Tester

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Performance analysis of Toy Safety Flammability Tester

Author: Date :2021-12-07 Views: order

Toy Safety Flammability Tester is independently developed and produced in accordance with the test requirements in GB6675-2014 "Toy Safety Part 3: Flammability", EN71-2 2003, ISO6941, and BS5438. The equipment is suitable for textiles, plush fabrics, headwear toys (beards, wigs, etc. made of hair, fluff or similar materials; molded and fabric masks; headscarves; headwear accessories; fluttering objects on headband toys, but not Including paper floral hats usually provided in gift boxes), toys, cosmetics and costumes and toys for children to wear during performances, toys for children to enter, soft stuffed toys (animals and dolls, etc.) containing plush or textile fabrics Flammability performance test.

The outer box of KS-6675D Toy Comprehensive Combustion Tester is made of 304 cold plate paint stainless steel, which has strong anti-corrosion function. The instrument part can be configured with domestic instruments or imported instruments according to customer requirements; this equipment is equipped with an observation window with tempered glass, which is convenient for test observation.

Test principle:

Install the finished sample or material sample on the corresponding fixture of the instrument, burn the sample with the flame specified in the standard for a certain period of time, and measure the relevant data (such as burning time, burning rate) to determine its burning performance.

Performance analysis of Toy Safety Flammability Tester(图1)

technical parameter:

1. Timer: 999.00s±0.01s adjustable

2. Burning time: <2s

3. Temperature: (20±5)℃; relative humidity (65±5%)

4. Test flame height: (20±2)mm

5. Test burner position: 0~90° adjustable

6. Flame spreading speed: <30s

7. Power supply: 220V/0.5kVA

8. Dimensions: 1120*520*1250(mm)

9. Test space: >0.5m3 ((black background)

10. U-shaped included angle marking line position: adjustable

11. Sample size: (560*170)±2mm, 3 pieces in latitude and longitude

12. Combustion gas: butane gas

13. Ignition device: manual ignition (with igniter)

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