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Plastic foam horizontal burning tester test chamber

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Plastic foam horizontal burning tester test chamber

Author: Date :2022-05-24 Views: order

Plastic foam horizontal combustion tester test chamber by testing the time required to burn a certain distance to obtain the trend of flame spread and flame spread speed when the material burns, to classify the flammability of the product, and to evaluate the flame retardant properties of the material. Used to test the relative burning rate and flame retardancy of textiles, especially automotive interior fabrics. Optionally equipped with fume hood and fire extinguishing device to achieve complete combustion test.

Plastic foam horizontal combustion tester test chamber test principle

1. The equipment provides a flaming combustion source, manually adjusting the flame value of the standard prescribed height, followed by automatic operation of the flame ignition and extinguishing.

2. When the flame acts on the sample, observe and record the combustion phenomenon. With the timer for combustion timing.

Burning speed: the ratio of the measured burning distance and the speed of burning this distance in millimeters per minute (mm/min).

Burning distance: the length of the surface or internal part of the specimen that has been burned.

Laminated composites: a number of similar or different materials, the surface between them by fusion, bonding, welding and other different methods to make a comprehensive combination of materials.

Single material: a homogeneous monolithic material made of the same material. If joined together intermittently by different materials, it is not considered a laminated composite material, each material is a single material.

Exposed side: the side of the vehicle on which the part is assembled facing the passengers.

Interior materials: interior materials on the vehicle usually use a single material or laminated composite materials, the main types are: interior sheathing, roof lining, floor coverings, seat fabrics, luggage compartment coverings, instrument panels, curtains, hood coverings and any other interior organic materials, including fillers, cushioning devices and other materials that absorb collision energy in the event of a crash.

The instrument is mainly composed of two major parts: combustion box and control box, each part consists of

Plastic foam horizontal burning tester test chamber(图1)

a. Combustion box: stainless steel material, brushed treatment; equipped with feet to make the gas flow smoothly; in front of a large area of heat-resistant glass composition, to facilitate the observation of the test phenomenon; the upper side to open the exhaust window; the top cover can be opened.

b. Thermometer: fixed in the upper cover of the combustion box, removable. Used to detect the temperature before and after the test.

c. Specimen clip: placed in the combustion box, the top can be placed on the U-shaped clip, the following placed to accept the burning drop without load plate. Test position can not be moved.

d. U-clamp: clamp the standard size of the sample, consisting of two pieces of upper and lower, fixed together by the pin, on the calibration position of the marking line. And has been supporting heat-resistant support wire.

e. Control box: the control box has an air inlet, connected to the air supply device. Two gas outlets, one connected to the Bunsen burner gas tube, the other connected to the Bunsen burner pilot tube. Meanwhile, the front side panel has three corresponding gas regulating valves.

f. Panel: automatic manual switching button; ignition switch; timing switch; digital time display meter.

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