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Introduction and Maintenance of Electric Toy Safety Flammability Tester

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Introduction and Maintenance of Electric Toy Safety Flammability Tester

Author: Date :2022-06-08 Views: order

Electric Toy Safety Flammability Tester is used to test the burning speed and time of children's clothing or toys.

Introduction of mouth-action Electric Toy Safety Flammability Tester:

The mouth-operated toy safety testing machine complies with the EN71 standard.

The main purpose of this machine is to prevent electric toys or mouthpieces from being mistakenly entered by children and cause the danger of suffocation.

Toy Safety Flammability Tester

This machine meets the conditions: it can generate at least 295±10cm3 of air within 5s, and it can blow 10 times alternately to suck toys.

Equipped with high precision pressure gauge.

Equipped with trachea fittings for different toys

Gas flow can be controlled by valves.

Power supply: 220V/50Hz, 4A.

Dimensions: 650mm×400mm×260mm.

Machine weight: 40Kg.

The important role of toy testing:

Toy testing is the main means to judge the quality and performance of toy products and raw materials according to relevant standards. The toy inspection system plays an important role in technical support in toy product quality and safety evaluation, market supervision and product trade, etc. It plays an important role in ensuring the quality and safety of toy products and improving the overall level of the toy industry. The toy testing agency uses scientific testing methods and sophisticated equipment to test the products submitted for inspection, obtain accurate quality inspection results, and feed them back to the enterprise. In this way, the enterprise separates substandard products according to the test results, analyzes the quality problems, and proposes corrective measures. Through this process of inspection, feedback and correction, the improvement of the product quality of the enterprise is promoted.

Maintenance of the Electric Toy Safety Flammability Tester:

1. Cleaning: Keep the machine clean at all times. Before and after each use, use a cotton cloth to wipe the machine to keep it clean.

2. Anti-rust: spray anti-rust oil on the metal parts of the machine surface once a week (clean it after 2 hours of spraying).

3. Lubricating oil: Lubricate the transmission parts (such as screws) of the machine on a monthly basis (ordinary lubricating oil can be used).

4. Maintenance: Regularly check whether the keys on the control panel are normal.

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