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How to detect high temperature resistant cable fire casing?

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How to detect high temperature resistant cable fire casing?

Author: Date :2022-06-10 Views: order

With the upgrading of carbon neutrality and environmental protection requirements, high temperature protection of pipelines, lines and other equipment in production is indispensable in production and life. Now there are many related high temperature protection sleeves on the market, with various materials and processes. There are so many high temperature protective casings, which makes us take a long time to compare and experiment to get the best protective casing. Buying reliable fireproof casing is the first thing every buyer needs. solved problem.

As the name implies, the fireproof casing of high temperature cable and the buckle type fireproof casing must be fireproof materials first, and professional manufacturers have stable supply channels of raw materials.

The materials of these two kinds of casings are the same, the inside is glass fiber, the outside is silica gel, and this silica gel is not ordinary silica gel, it has flame retardant effect of silica gel can be used as qualified raw materials.

How to detect high temperature resistant cable fire casing?(图1)

There are many casings of the same material on the market, why can't you choose? Because the production process is different, the effect of the finished product is different.

The wall thickness of qualified high temperature resistant cable fireproof casing and hasp type fireproof casing is 3 to 5 mm thick. If the thickness is not up to standard, the heat insulation effect will be poor.

In addition, if the product has international certification related to flame retardant and fire protection, then its quality will not be bad.

Are the properties of high temperature resistant fireproof casings with different colors the same? The red, black, orange, blue, yellow, silver-gray heat-resistant casings that you see are of different colors, and their raw materials and processes are the same, but the color masterbatch is different, which will not cause the performance of the finished product to be different.

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