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What is TF319 Multi-Functional Flammability Tester?

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What is TF319 Multi-Functional Flammability Tester?

Author: Date :2022-08-10 Views: order

Multi-functional combustion tester, a kind of vertical flammability tester, is used to determine the flame resistance of textile fabrics and the flammability test of toys and toy materials.

Specification parameters:

Satisfies most of the tests in vertical direction.

Equipped with programmable PLC system and optical scanning device for line break detection, timing range 0-999.9s, accuracy 0.1s.

Automatic flame ignition combustion, automatic gas switching.

Automatic switching of butane and propane gas.

easy-to-set burner position device (surface and edge ignition, toy testing).

Removable controller for greater safety.

interchangeable precision test frames for different standards.

Vertical and horizontal marking lines.

Filter paper and test debris .

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iso 6940:2004, iso 6941:2003

BS EN ISO 1102:2016

BS EN ISO 1103:2005

BS EN 14878:2007


QINSUN instrument is to provide laboratory combustion tester to textile and garment enterprises, help garment enterprises to carry out research and development and quality control, control product quality to improve product performance, so as to enhance the customer's brand value, so that customers can better present their own garment brand advantages, and then priority to seize the market. We are a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and brand marketing (certified in 2017), certified by SGS Switzerland with ISO 9001 quality management system, and an indispensable partner for apparel brands to become bigger and stronger.

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