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Test methods and standards of textile flame retardant test performance

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Test methods and standards of textile flame retardant test performance

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People's life and wear can not live without textiles, textiles are the necessities of people's survival, for textiles, burning performance is a very important quality index. The burning performance of textiles can generally be used to characterize the flame spread rate, the renewal of the flame time, flame retardant time and the length of damage and other indicators. Generally speaking, the smaller the flame spread rate of the fabric, the shorter the renewal time, the slower the fire time in contact with the fire source, can give people to fight for reaction time to get rid of the fire source to the body burns, or to avoid the occurrence of fire. Therefore, the burning performance of textiles is an important indicator of life safety. Flame retardant performance refers to the material has or the material has been treated with the property of significantly delaying the spread of flame.

There are many standards of textile flame retardant performance methods, involving toys, pajamas, protective clothing, bedding, hanging accessories, etc. Flame retardant product standards account for the majority of the overall textile combustion performance standards, therefore, as a manufacturer must pay attention to the work of testing and evaluating the performance of textiles to prevent combustion performance.

Test methods and standards of textile flame retardant test performance (图1)

Test methods for flame retardant performance of textiles:

1.The test method of flame retardant finishing agent in textiles gas chromatography mass spectrometry

2. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method for the detection of flame retardant finishing agents in textiles

3. Flame resistance test method. Vertical burning test

4. Textile flame retardancy test method. Surface burning test

5. Textile flame retardancy test method. 45 degree angle test one second flame rush

6. Textile flame retardancy test method. Determination of the effect of a small source of fire on the pavement fabric method

7. Limit oxygen index method

8. Conical calorimeter method

Conform to the following standards

ISO 3795, FMVSS 302, DIN 75200, SAE J369, ASTM 5132, JIS D1201, AU169, FZ/T 01028.

The test apparatus is horizontal combustion tester. The instrument is equipped with sealed stainless steel combustion chamber and observation window, which is resistant to high temperature and pressure. With overhanging drum structure with steel spring and vibration damping system, it can be operated smoothly. Equipped with specimen holder and door burner, the specimen holder can be moved up and down and left and right. Basic mode with manual timing control. Equipped with automatic gas control system including solenoid controlled gas valve, automatic ignition timer and controller.

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