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Carpet 45°Flammability Tester GB/T 14768

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Carpet 45°Flammability Tester GB/T 14768

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The carpet 45° combustion tester test box is composed of ignition timing device, ignition device and safety control system. The combustion box is made of stainless steel. The box should be equipped with a glass observation window, the top of the box is equipped with a smoke exhaust port, and there are a row of ventilation holes in the lower part of both sides. The box is equipped with a sample holding frame device and a horizontal position into 45°.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for carpet combustion performance test to detect the flame retardancy and thermal shrinkage of carpets.


GB/T 14768-93 Test method and evaluation of carpet burning performance at 45°

Carpet 45°Flammability Tester GB/T 14768(图1)


1. The tester is composed of a test part and a control part and adopts an integrated design, which is convenient for on-site installation and debugging;

2. Large observation window, easy to observe the burning state of the sample;

3. The test frame consists of a press frame and a bottom plate. Material: 304 stainless steel. The outer dimension of the pressing frame is 400mm long x 220mm wide, the inner dimension is 360mm long x 180mm wide; the bottom plate dimension is 485mm long x 220mm wide

4. Imported brand high-precision pressure regulating valve to adjust the gas flow and accurately control the flame height of 24mm;

5. The high-precision pressure regulating valve adjusts the combustion pressure to 3.92kPa (400mmH20 );

6. The burner angle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically;

7. Imported Bunsen burner precisely controls flame height and heat release;

8. Advanced industrial appearance and control design, easy to access the sample and burner;

9. Programmable controller 7" touch screen to realize control/detection/calculation/data display.

- Pulse high voltage electronic automatic ignition.

-The timing button cooperates with PLC to automatically record and store the burning time.

- Test time and heating time can be set on the touch screen. Meet the requirements of a variety of test standards;

- The automatic timer device can record the test time and store it in the system, and the report can be queried;

-. The top is equipped with a smoke exhaust fan device, and the exhaust gas generated by the combustion is discharged after the test; Note: The customer provides the smoke exhaust pipe by himself.

10. Working power supply: AC220v; 50Hz.

11. Butane gas or liquefied petroleum gas provided by customers;

The main parameters:

Sample size: L400*W200.

Gas source: liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas; butane must be used for arbitration test. (prepared by customer)

Gas pressure: 3.92KPa adjustable.

Flame time: 0 ~ 99s/min can be set at will.

Burning angle: adjustable from 0 to 45 °.

Burner: brass material, made by our company.

Flame height: 24mm adjustable.

Ignition system: High voltage electronic ignition.

Power requirements: AC220(±10%)V/50HZ

Approximate dimensions of the instrument: 353㎜×260㎜×920㎜.

The chassis material is welded with high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the CNC machine tool is bent and formed, and the arc shape is more smooth and beautiful.

Under the specified test conditions, the carpet 45°Flammability Tester ignites the surface of the carpet sample placed at an inclination of 45° for a certain period of time, and measures the continuation time, smoldering time and damage length of the sample. Suitable for carpets with various fiber compositions and textures.

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