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50W power UL94 vertical combustion chamber test method

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50W power UL94 vertical combustion chamber test method

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The series of UL94 Vertical Flame Chambers are based on UL94, GB2408-2008, GB/T5169-14 (IEC60695-11-2) "1KW Nominal Premixed Flame Equipment, Confirmation Test Methods and Guidelines", IEC60695-11-3 (5VA, 5VB grade material, flame power: 500W), IEC60695-11-4 (V-1 grade material, flame power: 50W), GB/T5169-16 (IEC60695-11-10) "50W flame test method", GB/T5169-17 (IEC60695-11-20) "500W flame test method", GB5169.15, GB11020, and other standards are designed and manufactured to simulate the influence of the early stage flame when a fire occurs around electrical and electronic products. In order to assess the degree of fire hazard by means of simulation techniques. It is mainly used to conduct horizontal and vertical flammability tests on the relative combustion characteristics of plastic and other non-metallic material parts samples, solid materials and foamed plastics with an apparent density of not less than 250kg/m' when measured according to the ISO845 method.

UL94 Flame Chamber

UL94 vertical combustion test chamber specifications and technical parameters

Specifications: 50W&500W

Compliant with standards: IEC60695, GB5169, UL94, UL498, UL1363, UL498A and UL817

Power supply: 220V 50HZ

Operating system: Mitsubishi PLC control, Wellun 7-inch color touch screen operation

Burner: diameter 9.5mm ± 0.5mm, length 100mm

Burning angle: 0°, 20°, 45° adjustable

Flame height: 20mm~125mm±1mm adjustable, with flame height gauge

Gap gauge: a set of standard gap gauges (required by the latest standard)

Timing device: 9999X0.1s can be preset

Thermocouple: imported Φ0.5mm armored stainless steel sheathed K-type thermocouple

Temperature measurement distance: 10±1mm/55±1mm

Temperature detection: MAX 1100°C

Gas flow: 105 ± 10 ml/min and 965 ± 30 ml/min adjustable, accuracy 1%

Water column height: the height difference is less than 10mm

Calibration time: 44±2S/54±2S

Temperature measuring copper head: Ф5.5mm, 1.76±0.01 g; Ф9mm±0.01mm10±0.05 g, Cu-ETP purity: 99.96%

Gas Class: Methane

Box: the inner box volume is greater than 0.75 cubic meters, black matt background, with exhaust fan

QINSUN instrument UL94 vertical combustion test box adopts advanced PLC intelligent control system, touch screen user-friendly operation interface, and remote control wireless induction remote operation, which makes the recording more accurate; using integral intake ignition system, the combustion delay is only 0.1 seconds , to ensure the sufficient combustion time of the gas; black background, multi-functional flame gauge, flame adjustment work becomes simple; the box is made of stainless steel, the observation window is large; the imported thermocouple temperature conduction control has a beautiful appearance; it integrates a number of similar products at home and abroad Advantages, stable performance, convenient operation, is the first choice of major domestic measurement institutions and laboratories.

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