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GB8410 test method for combustion performance of automotive interior materials

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GB8410 test method for combustion performance of automotive interior materials

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Automotive interior materials refer to the single or laminated composite organic materials used in the cab and passenger cabin parts, including: seat cushions, seat backs, seat covers, seat belts, headrests, armrests, and movable folding roofs , all decorative lining panels (including door inner panels, cowl panels, side panel panels, rear panel panels, roof linings, etc.), instrument panels, glove boxes, interior shelf panels (including rear window panels) , Curtains, floor coverings, sun visors, wheel cover coverings, hood coverings, and fillers that absorb collision energy during a crash, and cushioning devices.

GB8410 test method:

Clamp the sample horizontally on the U-line support, and after igniting the free end of the sample with a flame of a specified height in the combustion box for 15 seconds, determine whether the flame on the sample is extinguished, or when it is extinguished, as well as the burning distance of the sample and the burning distance. time.

Vertical Flame Test Chamber

Burning velocity (V) calculation:


V burning speed, in millimeters per minute (mm/min);

L is the burning distance, in millimeters (mm);

T is the time taken for the burning distance L, in seconds (s).

GB8410 test technical requirements:

The burning speed is not more than 100mm/min.

The main parameters:

1. Flame application time: 0-999.9s±0.1s adjustable;

2. Delay time: 0-99h59m59.99s±0.1s, manual start/pause;

3. Installation of the combustion box: the bottom of the combustion box is 10mm away from the bottom plate of the equipment;

4. Test wind speed: The air vertical velocity of 100mm before and after the combustion box is between 0.10m/s and 0.30m/s, and an anemometer is added and modified on the right side of the equipment to monitor the outlet.

Automobile interior horizontal combustion tester is a test instrument for determining the combustion characteristics of automobile interior materials. The test experiment is carried out according to the GB 8410 test method. QINSUN Instrument is the manufacturer. Welcome customers in need to inquire.

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