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How should the 45° Flammability Tester be properly maintained?

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How should the 45° Flammability Tester be properly maintained?

Author: Date :2022-12-20 Views: order

The 45° Flammability Tester is used to test the combustion performance of textiles. The stainless steel test box is equipped with a glass observation window, which automatically counts the time from the beginning of the sample combustion, accurate to 0.1s. The ignition time can be set freely. At present, the use of 45-degree combustion testers is widely used in the textile and material industries and the frequency is also very high. During long-term use, that kind of wear and consumption is inevitable, so regular maintenance is necessary.

How to maintain the 45° Flammability Tester?

1. Before use, you must pay attention to whether the power supply voltage used is consistent. When in use, the ground wire of the power socket must be grounded according to regulations.

How should the 45° Flammability Tester be properly maintained?(图1)

2. When using, do not touch the electrical parts of the instrument with your hands to avoid electric shock.

3. Regularly clean the surface of the 45-degree combustion tester and the dust in the box.

4. Regularly check whether the ammeter is abnormal.

5. Regularly check whether the fan is running normally and whether there is any abnormal noise.

6. Regularly check whether the vents are blocked and clean up the dust.

7. Regularly check whether the thermostat is correct, if not, please adjust the static compensation or sensor correction value of the thermostat.

8. Regularly check whether the heating tube is abnormal.

9. Regularly check whether the delayer is activated.

10. Unplug the plug when there is a power outage to prevent it from automatically starting when the power comes in.

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