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EU Standard Automotive Interior Horizontal Burning Tester

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EU Standard Automotive Interior Horizontal Burning Tester

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The Horizontal Burning Tester for Automotive Interiors is a test for the burning of automotive interior materials according to the national standard GB 32086-2015 "Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Vertical Burning Characteristics of Specific Types of Automotive Interior Materials", the European Union Automotive Technology Directive 95/28//EC "Burning Characteristics of Specific Types of Automotive Interior Materials" and the requirements of ECE-R118 ANNEX 8. The test is performed by fixing the specimen vertically to a rectangular frame, igniting the specimen in a combustion chamber with a prescribed flame, and measuring the distance and time spent in burning the specimen.

The scope of application of Horizontal Burning Tester:

Horizontal Burning Tester is applicable to the flammability test of automotive interior materials, including single materials or laminated composite materials used in automotive interior parts, such as seat cushions, seat backs, seat covers, seat belts, headrests, armrests, movable folding roofs, all decorative linings, instrument panels, glove boxes, interior cargo shelf panels, or rear sill panels, curtains, floor coverings, test indicators Such as flammability, burning rate, flame spread, burning strength and product flame retardant properties can be tested, the equipment has a high degree of automation, accurate test data and other characteristics.

EU Standard Automotive Interior Horizontal Burning Tester(图1)

Horizontal Burning Tester equipment parameters.

1) test environment wind speed: control mode (adjustable); need to meet, in the combustion box to determine the position, before and after 100 mm at the vertical measurement of wind speed control: 0.1m / s-0.3m / s (equipment equipped with wind speed adjustment device with testo (425 type) thermal anemometer to adjust to the target wind speed);

2) Combustion box temperature measurement: temperature measurement range 0 ℃ ~ 90 ℃; accuracy 0.1 ℃ (panel meter display + box installation Kai installed thermocouple);

3) Flame application time timing: manual button control timing; control range: 0.1s-99min99s; timing accuracy 0.1s, automatically extinguished after reaching the set burning time;

4) Flame height: 10-100mm continuously adjustable;

5) specimen burning time timing: manual button and in place automatically control timing; measurement range: 0.1s-99min99s; timing accuracy 0.1s (burner in place will automatically and manual button to start timing, when the flame burns off a marker system will automatically suspend timing);

6) Ventilation cabinet: Overall dimensions: width 1120mm × depth 580mm × height 1350mm, exhaust hole Φ 100mm

7) Power supply: 220VAC-15% ~ 220VAC +10% 500W (single-phase three-wire system)

8) Specimen fixture size: The frame is 560 mm high and consists of two parallel rods with a spacing of 150 mm, on which there is a fixed pin for fixing the specimen. In order to fix the specimen on the pin and at a distance from the frame, a positioning post with a diameter of 2 mm and a height of at least 20 mm should be installed near the pin.

9) Pressure plate: U-shaped pressure plate to ensure the vertical flatness of the specimen on the specimen fixed frame. U-shaped pressure plate should be flat and rigid, made of appropriate materials, the size of the specimen fixed frame size, thickness of 1.0 mm ± 0.1 mm. 12 round holes with a diameter of about 4 mm are drilled on the left and right sides of the pressure plate, and the location of the holes should ensure that the distance between the center of the circle is equal to the distance between the fixed pins on the specimen fixed frame.

10) Gas lamp: The gas lamp is located in the front and bottom of the specimen, in the plane where the vertical center line of the specimen is vertical to the surface of the specimen, and the central axis of the gas lamp is inclined upward, at an angle of 30° to the plane where the specimen is located, and the distance between the top of the gas lamp and the lower edge of the specimen is 20 mm, as shown in Figure 2. When the gas lamp is placed vertically, the gas lamp is ignited and the flame height is adjusted to 40 mm ± 2 mm, which is the distance between the gas lamp nozzle and the top of the flame. The internal diameter of the gas nozzle is 0.18+0.03 0 mm.

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