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What is horizontal and vertical flammability test?

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What is horizontal and vertical flammability test?

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The horizontal flammability tester is used to detect the relative burning rate and flame retardancy of textiles, especially automotive interior fabrics.

The horizontal and vertical flammability tester is used to simulate the early situation of fire in the surrounding environment of electronic and electrical products, and is used to evaluate the risk of fire by simulation technology, and ensure that the fire around the product will not cause combustion to spread.

There are some precautions in the process of using the textile combustion performance tester-horizontal flammability tester. The textile combustion performance testing machine is suitable for the determination of the flame retardancy of flame-retardant woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, coated products, laminated products, curtains and curtains. The design of the testing machine complies with the standard requirements of GB/T5455 "Vertical Method for Textile Combustion Performance Test". It has the characteristics of testing, reasonable structure and simple operation.

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The specific precautions for the textile flammability tester include the following six aspects:

1. The test equipment should be placed in a well-ventilated environment to prevent the toxic fumes generated during the test from affecting the health of the operators.

2. During the test, the equipment should be grounded to avoid electrostatic reaction.

3. When connecting the air source, pay attention to whether there is air leakage in the trachea.

4. After the test, the combustion residue should be removed in time to keep the equipment clean.

5. Regularly spray anti-rust oil on the surface of this equipment to prevent long-term rust.

6. Regularly inject lubricating oil on the transmission parts of this equipment to ensure that each test can be carried out smoothly.

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