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First choice for mask airtightness tester - QISNUN Instruments

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First choice for mask airtightness tester - QISNUN Instruments

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Respirator Airtightness Tester Standards / Testing - QISNUN Instruments One Stop Solution

Respirators are used in the field of medical protection and can be divided into disposable masks, replaceable half masks and full face masks.

QISNUN's FYY375 mask airtightness tester  is designed to test the airtightness of facepieces according to the requirements of the standard: GB2626-2019 "Respiratory Protection Products Self-absorbing Filtered Anti-Particle Respirator".

face mask

I. Principle.

Match the mask on the test head mould according to different specifications selection, seal the inhalation valve, wet the exhalation valve, start the vacuum pump, make the pressure inside the mask reach -1000pa-1000pa, stop pumping, start timing, observe and record the pressure change value inside the mask.

Two, technical parameters.

1, buffer capacity of not less than 5 litres

2, Micro differential pressure measurement range: -1000Pa ~ 1000Pa, precision 1%, resolution 1Pa

3、Vacuum pump pumping speed about:2L/min

4、Flowmeter range:0~100mL/min

5、Outline size:500×450×620mm


7, Electricity source:AC220V 50Hz 150W

8, Work station: 4 work stations;

9, Control system: PLC independent control for each station.

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