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Introduction to ASTM D2859 Carpet Burning Test Method

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Introduction to ASTM D2859 Carpet Burning Test Method

Author: Date :2023-02-23 Views: order

This test method provides a procedure for identifying those finished textile floor coverings that are rated as flame retardant and may not use backing materials under specific controlling laboratory conditions.This test method. If the substratum material is combined with a specific ground cover, the process of such variation, used to assess the effect of a specific basemap, must be indicated in the report.

The results observed in this test are consistent with specimens in a horizontal plane. Different results are possible if the same material is tested or used on any other plane.

 Carpet Burning Tester

Test Method D 2859 Test Complete for Acceptance Testing of Commercial Goods, as this method has been widely used in the trade for acceptance testing of textile floor coverings of flammable materials is considered satisfactory. In case of disagreement arising from differences in the values reported by the buyer and seller for acceptance testing when using this method, statistical deviations, if any, between the buyer's and seller's laboratories shall be determined in relation to each A comparison is based on the type of material being evaluated by randomly drawing a sample of the test sample.


The surface flammability of carpets and mats is part of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission4 standard, which is part of the standard's test program. Acceptance criteria, these standards require that at least seven or eight individuals pass the test on a given carpet or carpet specimen, that is, the charred portion of the test specimen shall not extend to within 25.4 mm [1.0 in] at any point of the Flatten the edges of holes in the frame.

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