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Glow Wire Test Apparatus Technical Parameters and Features

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Glow Wire Test Apparatus Technical Parameters and Features

Author: Date :2023-02-28 Views: order

Glow Wire Test Apparatus mainly simulates the thermal stress test caused by heat sources or ignition sources such as burning elements or overload resistors in a short period of time. It is suitable for fire hazard tests of electrical and electronic products, household appliances, and their materials, and is also used for flameless ignition. Ignition source ignition test to determine the glow wire ignition temperature, flammability, and flame resistance index of related materials.

Glow Wire Test Apparatus

Technical Parameters:

1. Glow wire diameter: 4mm± 0.04mm Ni/Cr(80/20) 500 W special standard ring, placed horizontally;

2. Thermocouple diameter: 0.5mm Type K, imported insulated high temperature resistant armored thermocouple, the armored sheath can withstand heat up to 1250°C (better than the standard 1050°C);

3. Glow wire energized heating temperature: 500 ℃ ~ 960 ℃ (digital display can be preset), temperature fluctuation: < 3 ℃;

4. Monitor the temperature during the entire test period: place a thermocouple at a distance of 100mm between the glow wire device and the back panel of the cabinet, and connect an external temperature display instrument;

5. Test flame height: flame height gauge;

6. Heat radiation baffle: automatic shielding;

7. The test pressure of the test product on the glow wire: 1.0N±0.1N (adjustable) (better than the standard 1.0N±0.2N);

8. Maximum ironing depth: 7mm±0.5mm (adjustable);

9. Sample moving speed: 10mm/s~25mm/s;

10. Test time: 30s±0.1s (1s~999.9s digital display can be preset);

11. Standard silver foil: thickness 0.06MM, purity ≥ 99.8% with metering;

12. Thickness of ignition bedding board: 10mm thick white pine board covered with 12g/m2~30g2 standard silk paper, 200mm±5mm away from the glowing wire;

13. The volume of the test area: ≥0.5m3 background black background illumination ≤20Lux;

14. Dimensions: width 1220mm × depth 600mm × height 1250mm, exhaust hole 100mm;

15. Power supply Power: 1kV A220V50-60Hz.

Glow Wire Test Apparatus Features:

The pull-in relay is used to control the depth of the glow wire burning into the sample, and it has an adjustable function. It is also equipped with a measuring gauge, which is accurate and fast.

Imported thermocouples are used for accurate temperature control. Thermocouple accessories adopt special thermocouple connectors, which are convenient and quick to plug in and replace.

Imported time relays and counters are used, and other components are made in China.

It adopts a PLC logic processor control system and is equipped with a 7-inch Weilun true-color LCD touch screen, which can automatically determine whether the product is qualified or not, and has storage, memory, and printing functions.

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