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8-head Martindale Abrasion Tester

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8-head Martindale Abrasion Tester

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The fabric to be tested is mounted in the sample holder above the 8-head Martindale Abraser and rubbed against abrasives mounted on the grinding table. The friction trajectory is a Lissajous figure. After setting the friction times, evaluate the pilling or record the abrasion times of the samples.

Instrument Features

The unique design allows experiment setup and inspection without lifting the top guide.

This instrument can count the rubbing times of each sample and the total rubbing times of preset experiments.

This instrument has connection function, which allows users to do different experiments at the same time.

The instrument is equipped with a full set of sample holders, and an optional loading block ensures that the correct pressure is applied to the test fabric.

standard test

Martindale meets the following criteria:

ASTM D 4966 (wear resistance)

ASTM D 4970 (pilling)

BS 5690:1991 (replaced by BS EN ISO12947-1)

BS 3424:Part 24 (Method 27A)

BS EN ISO 12947-1

BS EN ISO12945-2

SFS 4328 (Finnish Standard)

IS 12673 (Indian Standard)

IWS/Wool Bureau TM 112 (wear-resistant)

IWS/Wool Bureau TM 196 (pilling)


JIS L1096

M&S P17 & P19

SATRA PM31 (including wet test)

SN 198525 & SN 198529 (Swiss Standard)

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