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Maintenance and cleaning methods of high and low temperature test chamber

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Maintenance and cleaning methods of high and low temperature test chamber

Author: Date :2023-05-23 Views: order

In addition to the good performance and correct operation and use of the equipment itself, the correct maintenance method directly affects the service life of the equipment.

Maintenance and cleaning methods of high and low temperature test chambers:

1. The equipment should be placed in a relatively benign temperature environment, the temperature value is about 8 ℃ ~ 23 ℃, if the laboratory does not have this condition, it should be equipped with an appropriate air conditioner or cooling tower.

2. The evaporator should be cleaned regularly, because the cleanliness level of the sample is different, and a lot of small particles such as dust will condense on the evaporator under the action of forced air circulation. In order to avoid the poor cleaning effect of the sample, it is necessary to Clean regularly.

3. The cleaning method of the circulation blade and the condenser fan is similar to that of the evaporator. Because the working environment of the equipment is different, there will be a lot of dust and small particles on the circulation fan and the condenser fan, so it should be cleaned regularly.

4. The condenser needs to be cleaned every three months. If the compressor is air-cooled, it is necessary to regularly overhaul the condensing fan and decontaminate the condenser to ensure good ventilation and heat exchange performance; if the compressor uses The most important thing is water cooling, so in addition to ensuring the inlet water pressure and inlet water temperature, the corresponding flow rate must also be guaranteed, and the inside of the condenser must be cleaned and descaled regularly to obtain its continuous heat exchange performance.

5. The waterway and humidifier need to be cleaned regularly, because if the waterway is not smooth, it will cause the humidifier to scale and cause the humidifier to dry, which may damage the humidifier, so the waterway and the humidifier must be cleaned regularly.

Careful and reasonable maintenance of the high and low temperature test chamber will help the equipment to work and run efficiently and quickly, and avoid unnecessary failures.

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