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Factors affecting the combustion performance of textiles

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Factors affecting the combustion performance of textiles

Author: Date :2023-07-03 Views: order

The burning performance of the fabric depends on the chemical composition of the fiber, but also with the fabric contains the fuel, finishing agent, the fabric's organizational structure and external conditions have a certain relationship.

Factors affecting the combustion performance of textiles(图1)

1. Fabric organization structure

Fabric organization affects the burning rate of the fabric and flame spread performance, the same fiber material, the organization is close and heavy fabric burning rate is slower and less likely to spread, because of the close and heavy fabric in the air content is relatively low, insufficient oxygen supply and reduce the burning performance. Therefore, the organization should be reasonably selected to lighter and fewer fibers to get better flame retardant effect.

2. Temperature

When the burning temperature increases from 25℃ to 150℃, the oxygen index of unflameable cotton decreases from 18% to 14%, and the flame retardant cotton decreases from 35% to 27%, and the flammability of the fabric increases with the increase of temperature.

3. Moisture content

The combustion performance of the fabric is also affected by its moisture content, the fabric is heated to burn, the first evaporation of water, the need to absorb heat, so the high relative humidity has an inhibiting effect on the spread of flame. In the wet air combustion rate is generally slower.

4. Air pressure

The size of the air pressure on the fabric burning rate also has some influence, the burning rate increases with the air pressure, this is because the partial pressure of oxygen in the air increases with the pressure, so the burning rate is accelerated.

In addition, the role of external sunlight and heat also affect the burning performance, so the flame retardant properties of the fabric must be comparable under the same conditions.

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