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Heat Resistance Contact Tester

Heat Resistance Contact Tester

【Product introduction】:It is suitable for thermal protection test of fire-fighting clothes, thermal protection gloves and related materials

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Heat Resistance Contact Tester

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Heat Resistance Contact Tester:

 Product Details:
Heat Resistance Contact Tester is mainly used to test fire clothes, thermal protective gloves, or similar thermal protection material against thermal heat contact heat capacity. The contact time between the temperature of the material and the temperature of the material was increased by 10 ℃ when the material was heated to a certain temperature under a certain pressure. The critical time was used to determine the resistance of the material to high temperature contact heat. Heat Resistance Contact Tester can quickly and accurately access the critical time of high-temperature contact with the material, thus quantitative determination of resistance to high temperature materials, the ability to contact heat to guide the development of thermal protection materials and performance evaluation.

EN 702,EN 12477,EN 407,ISO 12127
It is suitable for thermal protection test of fire-fighting clothes, thermal protection gloves and related materials

Technical Parameters:
1. High temperature heating (Φ25.2mm) configuration with sensitive temperature sensor and temperature setting device to achieve the heating body room temperature to 500 ℃ within the arbitrary set;
2. Heating body covered insulation material, effective insulation, to avoid that the test results were distorted, which caused by cooling significantly.
3. Heating block above the configuration weight to provide 49N contact force;
4. Anodized aluminum heat (temperature) meter (Φ25mm, 5mm), measurement accuracy ± 0.1 ℃;
5. Using the heat (temperature) meter to carry the sample to rise to contact the heating body, the heat (temperature) meter movement speed 5mm / s, control precision;
6. One-button test, LED display shows the sample start temperature, real-time test temperature, and the sample up to 10 ℃ when the critical time, the display accuracy of ± 0.1s.
7. Size: 800 × 50 × 550mm
8. Power supply: 230V, 50Hz

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