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10kN Universal Tensile Testing Machine

10kN Universal Tensile Testing Machine

【Product introduction】:Product Introduction  The electronic universal testing machine is a classic and practical model developed by our company, and it is also the mainstream model currently produced. It was developed by

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Company:Qinsun Instruments Co., Ltd

10kN Universal Tensile Testing Machine

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10kN Universal Tensile Testing Machine:


  Product Introduction

  The electronic universal testing machine is a classic and practical model developed by our company, and it is also the mainstream model currently produced. It was developed by our company after two new upgrade designs on the basis of previous generations of models based on Japanese technology. The structure of the mainframe and the measurement and control system have been greatly upgraded, the structure is more reasonable, and the functions are more complete. It is the leading technology in the industry. A new generation of electronic universal testing machine. This series of testing machines has been produced in a total of more than 1,000 units. After a large number of practical tests and continuous improvement, the technology and process are mature, the reliability is high, and the failure rate is low. It is well received and welcomed by the market and users.

  Product Structure Function

  1. The testing machine has no pollution, low noise, convenient operation and high efficiency;

  2. The mainframe shell is made of aluminum alloy shell, which is beautiful and generous;

  3. The main unit is an overall floor-standing vertical structure, with high rigidity, stable performance and beautiful appearance;

  4. Stretching and compression are realized in separate double spaces, avoiding the tediousness of replacing different test attachments in the same space;

  5. The mainframe structure is sturdy and durable. The thick ball screw and guiding light rod, thickened beam and base constitute a strong rigid frame, which can meet the test of high-strength materials

  6. The upper and lower beams of the main machine and the worktable are processed synchronously to ensure excellent alignment. During the axial test, to ensure that the lateral force of the sample under the load is minimally affected, and accurate stress and strain results can be obtained;

  7. The screw is a precision ground ball screw imported from Taiwan, and the screw nut is made of cast copper material, which is wear-resistant. The friction coefficient of the screw pair is small, the transmission efficiency is high, the precision is high, and the strength is high;

  8. The reduction mechanism composed of a reducer, a synchronous toothed belt, and a precision ball screw pair has a simple structure to ensure the synchronous movement of the screw and help the system to center;

  9. High-power motors with reserve power, pre-loaded bearings, low-tension synchronous toothed belts, and precision ball screw pairs can minimize the energy stored during the test process, resulting in better test performance and better performance. For precise modulus and strain values. It is particularly effective when testing high-strength materials, such as aerospace composite materials and metal alloys; Using AC servo motor and speed control system to control the test process, the control accuracy is high, stable, efficient, and low noise (basically no noise at low speed). And the control speed range is greatly widened, which is not only conducive to the low-speed test of conventional materials (metal, cement, concrete, etc.), but also to the high-speed test of non-metallic materials (rubber, film, etc.), and it is also convenient for quick adjustment when there is no load. Test space, save auxiliary test time. The test speed meets the current requirements for the test speed of all conventional metal and non-metal materials in China;

  10. Multi-specification fixture adapters and multiple attachment options can achieve mechanical testing of multiple materials, giving the equipment more test functions;

  11. The concentric ring and the positioning pin fully ensure the upper and lower coaxiality of the test fixture, so that the specimen is fully stressed in the axial direction;

  12. The force value measurement adopts high-precision spoke load cell, which has high comprehensive accuracy, high sensitivity and good repeatability. After random calibration, the test is not affected by external forces, which can ensure the accuracy of the test process and parameters;

  13. The force direction of the sensor is the same during tensile, compression and other tests, and the calibration and calibration are simple and convenient;

  14. Sensors of different specifications can be configured according to requirements, which greatly widens the test range to meet the measurement requirements of different test loads;

  15. The up and down quick operation buttons are set on the column, which is very convenient to use and operate, and greatly simplifies the strong current configuration, reduces the use of discrete electrical components, thereby effectively reducing the electrical failure rate;

  16. It can realize the fast/slow lifting adjustment of the beam when the specimen is clamped, and the operation is flexible and can be switched at will;

  17. With the function of returning to the initial position after the test, it is efficient and fast;

  18. It has perfect limit protection function, overload and overcurrent protection, test break automatic shutdown and other functions, reliable and safe;

  19. Equipped with high-performance intelligent all-digital independent controller and adopts all-digital PID adjustment to realize a hardware-based parallel sampling mode, which can realize multiple closed-loop control modes such as constant rate stress, constant rate displacement, and constant rate strain, etc. And can realize smooth switching between different control modes without disturbance;

  20. The measurement and control system is equipped with a multi-function test software package, and uses VXDs high-speed data acquisition technology to achieve high-speed acquisition of multi-channel data; The test results can be analyzed and processed according to the requirements of different test methods. It has the function of man-machine interactive programming control, which is convenient for adding new test standards. It has a powerful graphic operation function, which can display test curves and test data in real time, with curve zooming, graphic zooming, and interception. Function, the cursor follows the display function. It has the storage function of complete test curves and test data; it has the functions of single-piece test report output and batch test report output and printing;

  21. With a network interface, it can realize data networking and remote control functions;

  22. The equipment is cost-effective.

  Technical Parameters

  1. Nominal Force: 10Kn

  2. Dual Column

  3. Load cell: 100N-5000N interval matching

  4. Test Speed: 0.1-500mm/min.

  5. Deviation from set speed: +-0.1%

  6. Position resolution: 0.02%-100%FS

  7. Position accuracy: ±1%

  8. Power accuracy: ≤0.8% power resolution: 1/100000

  9. Measuring accuracy of beam displacement: resolution higher than 0.025mm

  10. Speed range: 1~500mm / min, stepless speed regulation (special test speed can also be

  customized according to customer)

  11. Speed control accuracy: ±1%

  12. Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control range: 2%-100%FS

  13. Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control accuracy:

  - When the setting value is less than 10% FS, within ±1.0% of the setting value

  - When the setting value is ≥10%FS, within ±0.1% of the setting value

  14. Deformation rate control accuracy: when the rate is less than 2% FS, it is within ±2.0% of

  the set value

  - When the rate is ≥2%FS, it is within ±0.5% of the set value

  15. Walking space: 500mm (excluding gripper, special test space can also be customized

  according to customer requirements)

  16. Test space: A: Tension space: 600mm B: Compression space: 600mm C: width space: 400


  17. Test data recording rate: 400 kHz

  18. Test data transmission rate to PC: 500 Hz

  19. Working environment: room temperature—35℃, relative humidity no more than 80%

  20. Power supply: 220V, 60HZ

  21. Power: about 550W

  22. Maintenance-free AC drive motor

  23. Machine size: about 760 × 500 × 1650mm (length × width × height)

  24. Machine weight: about 350 kg

  25. Brand: QINSUN

  26. Model: T201

  Detailed Configuration

  1. High-precision force sensor: 20N-5000N force accuracy is within ≤0.2%.

  2. Capacity segmentation: four gears in the whole process: 0.25 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1

  adopts high-precision 16 bits A / D

  3. Power system: motor + reducer + ball screw + smooth rod linear bearing +

  synchronous belt drive.

  4. Control system: The external control method is adopted to make the control more precise. The speed control range is 1 ~ 500 mm / min.

  5. Display mode: large-screen touch screen control and display.

  6. Safety device: overload emergency stop device, up and down travel limit device,

  automatic breakpoint stop function.


  With modules for determining:

  a. Tensile and compression/elongation tests

  b. Maximum force and extension

  Evaluation of test results and monitoring tolerance

  Prevention of unauthorized access: user management or password protection

  Protection against manipulation of results: traceability records, electronic signatures

  Force/strain control with the testing machine

  With correction of machine deformation

  Standard Configuration

  1. Test machine host 1 set

  2. AC servo motor 1 set

  3. AC servo speed control system 1 set

  4. Load sensor 1

  5. Precision ball screw pair 2 sets

  6. set of fully digital control system

  7. Stretching accessory 1 pair

  8. Includes a pair of 0-7mm flat jaws

  ¢4-¢9 round jaws a pair

  9. Compression accessories: ¢ 100 mm 1 set

  10. Random tools (provide special tools and list required for installation, maintenance and

  operation) 1 set

  11. Technical data: including: instruction manual, software manual, certificate, packing list.

  Load cells and grips

  ► Load cell, 10 Kn capacity

  - Measuring range: 0.04Kn to 10.00Kn

  - Accuracy: ±1% of reading

  - Inclusion: Calibration certificate

  ► Pneumatic grips, 1 pair Fmax 10Kn

  - Can also be used for assymetrical gripping

  - Controlled by foot switches

  - Test fixtures can be easily attached

  Inclusion: mechanism for attaching fixtures for smaller loads: Fixture bolt

  ► Test Fixtures or jaw inserts for Breaking, Tensile, Tearing Strength tests (Dimensions in

  height x width)

  Set A: One pair each of 25mm x 25mm, 25mm x 50mm and Two pairs of 50mm x 60mm

  (Steel fishscale/sawtooth-surface/or any unsmooth surface)

  Set B: One pair each of 25mm x 25mm, 25mm x 50mm and Two pairs each of 50mm x

  60mm, 50mm x 110mm (Steel smooth with high quality rubber cover/padding)

  ► Pneumatic capstan grips, pair (for Yarn/Suture Strength test)

  - Fmax, 2.5Kn

  - With force reduction curve, 180 degrees deflection

  ► Load cell, 1 kN capacity (for Yarn/Suture Strength)

  - Measuring range: 0.004kN to 1.000Kn

  - Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading

  - With connection to primary load cell without removing the mounted load cell and/or


  - Inclusion: Calibration certificate

  ► Air compressor, horizontal








1.0 hp

Working pressure

100 psi

Rotate speed

950 RPM

Cylinder capacity




Dimension (D*W*H)







Power Supply


AC 220-240V, 60Hz

  Standards Compliant

  1. Manufactured according to GB / T2611 "General Technical Conditions for Testing Machines" and

  GB / T 16491-2008 "Electronic Universal Testing Machine" standards;

  2. Perform verification and acceptance according to GB / T12160 "Regulations for

  Extensometer for Uniaxial Test" and GB / T16825 "Inspection of Tensile Testing Machine"

  3. Applicable standards: apply ASTM D5587, ASTM D5034 / D5035, DIN, ISO 13934-1, JIS, BS and

  other international standard

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