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5kN Universal Testing Machine

5kN Universal Testing Machine

【Product introduction】:Product Introduction  This series of testing machines realizes the automatic control of the test process, data acquisition and analysis through the computer, and realizes the full digitization and a

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5kN Universal Testing Machine

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5kN Universal Testing Machine:


  Product Introduction

  This series of testing machines realizes the automatic control of the test process, data acquisition and analysis through the computer, and realizes the full digitization and automation of the data acquisition, analysis and control process. The control and data processing software with WINDOWS as the operation interface realizes the computer display of test force, test force peak value, beam displacement, test deformation and test curve. The good humanized design makes the test operation easier. The machine can realize three closed-loop control of test force, deformation, and displacement, and can smoothly switch between control modes such as constant stress, constant strain, and constant displacement. It is widely used in industries such as waterproofing membranes to detect and analyze the mechanical properties of non-metallic and composite materials. It is an ideal testing equipment for scientific research institutions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, quality inspection and other departments.

  Product Structure Function

  This series of testing machines are of single-arm structure.

  1. This series of machines adopts AC servo motor and servo drive speed control system to drive the precision ball screw pair to move up and down, and then realize the wide range of stepless adjustment of the test speed, ensuring the high precision, low noise and high stability of the test process.

  2. The test control system has the advantages of high integration, stable performance and convenient adjustment. The experimental data can be collected in real time, and the experimental characteristic curve can be dynamically displayed in real time. The experimental data files can be saved in the way of Access common databases, which is convenient for the realization of customer resource sharing and network management, as well as user re-analysis. For user-defined various word2000 reports, the software can be easily accessed, which solves the problem that different users or the same user have different needs for test reports in different periods. The software can process the original data of test force, displacement, time, deformation and curves derived therefrom.

  3. Protection function: The machine has software and mechanical limit protection modes, and the proportion of automatic shutdown when the maximum load is exceeded can be dynamically set; it has multiple protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and overload.

  4. The load and deformation channels can be automatically marked, which is intuitive and convenient.

  5. The batch test can realize the hierarchical display of the curve, and the curve automatically follows.

  6. The software can realize user-defined speed setting and computer adjustment of speed. It can also achieve high-precision speed calibration, and adjust the speed gear and code at any time.

  7. Monitoring the test process: Real-time display of various parameters such as test force, deformation, displacement, and curve during the test process.

  8. Software authority hierarchical management function: In order to improve the security of software and data, the software can realize the function of authority management by setting different password protection.

  9. Result reproduction function: After the test operation is completed and saved, it can be opened and re-analyzed the test data at any time in the future according to the user's needs.

  10. The software operation interface is shown in the figure (the software is slightly different for different test requirements).

  Technical Parameters

  1. Nominal Force: 5kN

  2. Dual Column

  3. Test speed: 0.1 – 500 mm/min (stepless speed regulation)

  4. Deviation from set speed: ±0.1%

  5. Accuracy level of force measurement: Level 1

  6. Position accuracy: ± 1 microns

  7. Position resolution: 0.02%-100%FS

  8. Deformation measurement range: 0.02%—100% FS

  9. Stretching space: 1000m

  10. Test data recording rate: 400 kHz

  11. Test data transmission rate to PC: 500 Hz

  12. Maintenance-free AC drive motor

  13. Power Supply: AC 220-240V, 60 Hz

  14. Machine size: about 560 × 420 × 1650mm (length × width × height).

  15. Machine weight: about 150 kg

  16. Brand: QINSUN

  17. Model: T200

  Standard Configuration

  1. Test machine host 1 set

  2. 1 set of test control software

  3. 1 set of data acquisition card

  4. Stepper motor 1 set

  5. Deceleration system 1 set

  6. 1 sensor

  7. Photoelectric encoder 1

  8. 2 sets of ball screws

  9. Stretching accessory 1 set

  10. Compression accessories: pressure plate Φ100 1 pair

  11. 1 set of random tools

  12. Random documents, instruction manual, certificate, etc.


  With modules for determining:

  a. Tensile and compression/elongation tests

  b. Maximum force and extension

  Evaluation of test results and monitoring tolerance

  Prevention of unauthorized access: user management or password protection

  Protection against manipulation of results: traceability records, electronic signatures

  Force/strain control with the testing machine

  With correction of machine deformation

  Load cells and grips

  ► Load cell, 5 kN capacity

  - Measuring range: 0.02kN to 5.00kN

  - Accuracy: ±0.1% of reading

  - Inclusion: Calibration certificate

  ► Pneumatic grips, 1 pair Fmax 5kN

  - Controlled by foot switches

  - Can be used also for asymmetrical gripping

  - Test fixtures can be easily attached Inclusion: mechanism for attaching fixtures for smaller loads: Fixture bolt

  ► Test Fixtures or jaw inserts for Breaking, Tensile, Tearing Strength tests (Dimensions in height x width)

  Set A: One pair each of 25mm x 25mm, 25mm x 50mm and Two pairs of 50mm x 75mm (Steel fishscale/ sawtooth-surface/or any unsmooth surface)

  Set B: One pair each of 25mm x 25mm, 25mm x 50mm and Two pairs each of 50mm x

  60mm, 50mm x 110mm (Steel smooth with high quality rubber cover/padding)

  ► Test Fixtures set for protective clothing resistance to puncture test

  ► Holding unit with Vulcollan cover with 34.9 mm inner diameter

  ► Probe with 0.5-mm tip (inner) diameter and 2-mm outer diameter

  ► Load cell, 500 N (for Puncture Resistance)

  - Measuring range: 2N to 500N

  - Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading

  - With connection to primary load cell without removing the mounted load cell and/or


  - Inclusion: Calibration certificate








1.0 hp

Working pressure

100 psi

Rotate speed

950 RPM

Cylinder capacity




Dimension (D*W*H)







Power Supply

1.2 KW

AC 220-240V, 60Hz

  Standards Compliant

  Manufactured according to GB / T2611 "General Technical Conditions for Testing

  1. Manufactured according to GB / T2611 "General Technical Conditions for Testing Machines"

  and GB / T 16491-2008 "Electronic Universal Testing Machine" standards;

  2. Perform verification and acceptance according to GB / T12160 "Regulations for

  Extensometer for Uniaxial Test" and GB / T16825 "Inspection of Tensile Testing Machine"

  3. Applicable standards: apply ASTM D5034/D5035, ASTM D5587, DIN, ISO13934-1, JIS, BS and

  other international standard

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