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Testing of Comprehensive Flame Retardant Property of Carpet

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Testing of Comprehensive Flame Retardant Property of Carpet

Author: Date :2019-09-20 Views: order
The height of pile plays an important role on the mechanical and durability properties of carpets and so the quality of the carpets as its height increases.However, the required pile height is economically expensive so the challenge is to get good performance of the flooring carpets with convenient price. On the other the development of antibacterial, antivirus and antifungal agents to textile and carpet products have received a lot attention. The nanomaterials have a wide range of application due to their unique properties. Various nanomaterials have been used for development of mechanical and antibacterial properties of textile and carpet materials such as TiO2 and silver nanoparticles due to their specific properties and facile processing to different textiles products especially for medical textiles. The using of antibacterial agent is crucial to inhabit the growth of microorganism such as bacterial on the surface of textile fabric and carpets which is harmful to the human life [4,5]. It is important to note the potential of nanoparticles such as silver and TiO2 in the treatment of growth of bacteria on the surface of different textile and carpet products has been reported. It is reported that the humidity in the flooring carpet and textile products is a suitable environment for the growth of undesirable microorganisms which cause health problem. So the treatment with smart nanomaterials will reduce the growth of these microorganisms and in turn their harmful effects.Also, our believe that when the pile height of carpets has decrease the content humidity has decreased and this in turn will reduce the susceptibility of bacterial growth. 
In this study the height of pile effect of polypropylene made flooring covering carpet in the mechanical properties was investigated, in addition to the treatment of the carpets with novel antibacterial agent showing improved inhibition of bacterial growth on the surface on carpets.
2.1. Materials
Flooring cover carpets obtained from Oriental Weavers, Egypt with the three different pile height type, (9, 10 and 11 mm) and with textile structural of pile polypropylene yarn, polyester warp and weft of jute. Silver nitrate was purchased from Applied Chem. GmbH-An ITW Company, German.
2.2. Characterization
The polypropylene carpets samples with the three pile height have tested for tufts and loops per unit area and length using ISO 1763:2009 standard [12] and determination of thickness loss after brief and moderate static loading based on ISO 3415:2009 standard [13] and determination of thickness loss under dynamic loading based on ISO 2094:2009 The flammability of carpets was tested according to ISO 6925:2009. Also the carpets treatment with antibacterial agent was tested based on test method AATTCC 174:2010 [16] and stain resistance was tested based on AATTCC 175:2010.
Testing of Comprehensive Flame Retardant Property of Carpet(图1)
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