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The Flammability Test Principle Of Face Masks

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The Flammability Test Principle Of Face Masks

Author: Date :2020-04-22 Views: order
      The Flammability test determines the time of flame spread for the given material. All fabrics of natural or regenerated cellulose, as well as certain types of finished and unfinished fabrics made from other natural or synthetic fibers, are combustible. Some combustible fabrics are potentially dangerous to the wearer because of the speed and intensity of flame with which these fabrics burn and their ease of ignition.
The Flammability Test Principle Of Face Masks(图1)
Test principle of Face Masks Flammability test:
Test the mask with a heat source of standard energy and observe the burning behavior of the mask. The energy of the fire source is guaranteed by measuring the flame height and temperature.
The time for the mask or other samples to pass through the fire source is specified by the standard, and the action time of the fire source can be ensured by controlling the moving speed of the mask.
The burning behavior of the sample is measured by the flame burning and flameless burning of the sample.
The main components of Face Masks Flammability test instrument:
1. windproof board;
2. combustion box;
3. glass door;
4. Metal head mold;
5. flame height scale rod;
6. flame height measurement scale;
7. set screw;
8. igniter;
9. Residue container;
10. resistance wire
11. head mold positioning screw;
12. thermocouple;
13. pressure gauge;
14. control box

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