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Product features of melt blown cloth combustion tester

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Product features of melt blown cloth combustion tester

Author: Date :2021-06-05 Views: order
Meltblown cloth burning tester is used to test the flame retardancy and flammability of various masks and respiratory protective equipment.
    The main parameters:
    The linear velocity of the nose of the head die is (60±5) mm/s;
    Flame height can be adjusted (adjusted at 40±4mm when leaving the factory);
    The diameter of the flame temperature measuring probe is 1.5mm;
    The height adjustment range of the burner is 30mm;
    The flame temperature at the height of (20±2)mm from the top of the burner is (800±50)℃;
    The distance between the tip of the burner and the mask point is (20±2) mm;
    The wall thickness of the metal head mold is 2~3mm, flame-resistant and burn-resistant;
    Combustion gas: propane or liquefied gas, with a purity of more than 97% (provided by the user)
    Continuous burning time and smoldering time timer: 0-99.99 seconds, accuracy: ±0.01 seconds;
    Working power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 50W;
    Instrument weight: about 50kg;
    standard test:
    This medical mask flame retardant performance tester meets but is not limited to the following standards:
    GB19083-2010 technical requirements for medical protective masks;
    YY0469-2011 Medical surgical masks.
    Test principle:
    1. Use a standard energy heat source to test the mask and observe the burning behavior of the mask. The energy of the fire source is guaranteed by measuring the height and temperature of the flame.
    2. The time for masks or other samples to pass through the fire source is stipulated in the standard, and the action time of the fire source is ensured by controlling the moving speed of the mask.
    3. The burning behavior of the sample is measured by the flame burning and flameless burning of the sample.
    1. The mask fixture is a metal human head mold, which can fully simulate the actual use of the mask.
    2. The burner is equipped with combustible gas interfaces such as propane (liquefied gas).
    3. The burner height is adjustable.
    4. The burner is automatically positioned at a fixed time.
    5. The surface of the burner inlet pipe is covered with a fireproof pipe, which is resistant to high temperature of 1300 ℃ to ensure the safety of the experiment.
    6. The actual combustion and flame retardant time are automatically recorded and digitally displayed.
    7. Equipped with flame temperature measurement probe and flame temperature display.
    8. Using imported motors, the instrument runs smoothly.
    9. The surface of the instrument is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and clean and fresh in appearance.
    10. Imported special aluminum brushed stainless steel, and equipped with metal buttons.

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