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What is a Horizontal Vertical Combustion Tester

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What is a Horizontal Vertical Combustion Tester

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Why Flammability Test?

Manufacturers must subject their products to various sorts of testing to abide by the government regulations and industry standards that dictate safety and quality guidelines. Important among these safety and quality concerns is the product’s flammability; established standards determine the appropriate flammability resistance for products’ various constituent materials. These characteristics are observed, measured, and deemed appropriate for use by conducting a flammability test. The products that can be used in general testing include horizontal and vertical flame tester, horizontal burning tester, 45° flammability tester, vertical burning tester and other testing equipment. 

What is a Flammability Test and What Is Its Purpose?

Different materials require different flammability tests. Because a single product can be made of many distinct materials, the whole item is usually subjected to flammability testing only when conducting a failure analysis — determining why a product did not perform to expectations when exposed to fire. 
If the flammability test is instead being performed to ensure materials conform to regulations and standards before production, an technician will apply an appropriate flammability test considering which material she or he is examining and the application. Most tests typically entail introducing the sample material to an open flame for a certain amount of time. This process will yield burn characteristics, including:
Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber
Whether the sample material burned
How much of it burned
How long it burned after the flame was removed
How long the material glowed from heat after the flame was removed
Whether the sample dripped any burning material
Whether the material displayed any unusual phenomena (warping, melting, etc.)
technicians will use this information to provide results to the clients. Depending on the relevant flammability test method or industry standard, the results may include giving the material a pass/fail status or assigning the material to a classification.

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