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UL94 Automotive Interior Horizontal and Vertical Flame Chamber Information Sharing

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UL94 Automotive Interior Horizontal and Vertical Flame Chamber Information Sharing

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The UL94 horizontal and vertical flame chamber for automotive interiors simulates the early conditions of fire in the surrounding environment of electronic and electrical products. The simulation technology is used to evaluate the fire risk. When the surrounding of the product is on fire, it should be ensured that it will not cause combustion to spread.

UL94 Flame Chamber is suitable for components, parts and components of electrical and electronic products and household appliances, such as: insulating shells, switch panels, printed circuit boards and insulating materials of household appliances. Designed to test the flammability properties of equipment and appliance components, many end-use test indicators such as flammability, burning rate, flame spread, burning intensity and product flame retardant properties can be tested. With a high degree of automation and accurate test data, it is our latest tester for demanding users.

1. Technical parameters:

1.1. Box size: length 1000mmX width 650mmX height 1150mm; 1.2. The test box is 0.5m3 to ensure sufficient air supply for the test;

1.3. The cabinet is treated with paint; the internal black paint (standard requirements) is corrosion-resistant;

1.4. The tester is composed of the test part and the control part and adopts an integrated design, which is convenient for on-site installation and debugging. 1.5. The glass observation window is beautiful and elegant; it is convenient to observe the burning state of the sample;

1.6. The ergonomic design is considered in the advanced industrial appearance design and test operation, which is easy to reach the sample, and the burner rod design is easy to operate;

1.7. The fixture is an integrated design of horizontal combustion and vertical combustion; easy operation; space saving; 1.8, 304 stainless steel flame height scale;

UL94 Automotive Interior Horizontal and Vertical Flame Chamber Information Sharing(图1)

2. Blowtorch and gas control:

2.1. The burner angle can be easily adjusted from 0, 20, 45, 90 degrees;

2.2, Bunsen burner, the barrel length is 100mm ± 10mm, the inner diameter is 9.5mm ± 0.3mm; it fully meets the requirements of GB5169.16 horizontal and vertical torches;

2.3. The blowtorch itself can adjust the air intake volume; 2.4. The flow meter accurately controls the combustion gas flow; 2.5. The U-shaped tube differential pressure gauge;

2.6. Precisely control the flame height 20mm ± 2mm; the flame is adjustable.

3. Automatic control system:

3.1. The intelligent instrument displays time, counting, burning time, after-flame time, after-burning time, etc. 3.2. Pulse high-voltage electronic automatic ignition.

3.3. No need for hand-held stopwatch or manuscript timing; the test time system is automatically recorded

3.4. The top is equipped with a smoke exhaust fan device, and the exhaust gas generated by the combustion is discharged after the test; Note: The customer provides the smoke exhaust pipe and gas.

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UL94 Automotive Interior Horizontal and Vertical Flame Chamber Information Sharing(图2)

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