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Touch Screen Horizontal and Vertical Burning Tester

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Touch Screen Horizontal and Vertical Burning Tester

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It is designed and manufactured according to UL94 standard and GBT2408 standard "Flammability test of plastic materials for equipment and apparatus parts", which is suitable for testing and evaluating the flammability characteristics of plastic materials. Safe. This instrument can evaluate the flammability of materials or foam such as: V-0, V-1, V-2, HB, 5V, HF-1, HF-2, HBF level.

Product features:

The tester is equipped with lighting device, pumping device, gas flow regulating valve, gas pressure gauge, gas pressure regulating valve, gas flow meter, gas U-pressure gauge, sample fixture made of 304 stainless steel, beautiful and corrosion resistant, fixture for horizontal combustion and vertical combustion integrated design, easy to operate and space saving.

Touch Screen Horizontal and Vertical Burning Tester(图1)

According to standards.

ISO1210, GB4609, IEC 707, IEC695-2-2

UL94 "Fire Test

GBT2408-2008 "Determination of the burning properties of plastics Horizontal and vertical methods

IEC60695-11-10 "Fire Test for Combustion

Product Function:

Programmable controller touch screen with data display.

Pulse high voltage electronic automatic ignition.

Timing button with PLC automatic record storage of combustion consumption time.

time timer to detect the flame to reach 25, 100mm marking line time.

Accuracy 0.1S, automatic timing.

without handheld stopwatch or manuscript timing; test time system automatically records and generates experimental reports.

Time and fire addition time can be set on the touch screen. meet the requirements of a variety of test standards.

Linear burning rate (V) PLC automatic calculation, touch screen display and save.

Test level value (HB0 HB40 HB75/V-0 V-1 V-2) and the national standard specified value on the screen can be viewed.

Horizontal and vertical combustion test program can be switched on the touch screen.

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