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Why are electrical insulators so flammable?

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Why are electrical insulators so flammable?

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This question implies an untrue statement - many practical insulators are actually non-flammable. In many cases, the strong ionic or covalent bonds that bind them together also make them good electrical insulators. Moreover, it usually also makes them non-flammable.

For example, most electrical insulators are not flammable at all. For example, ceramics, porcelain or glass are not flammable at all. Many minerals, such as mica, quartz, sapphire, almost all silicates and most metal oxides are good electrical insulators and none are flammable. Most silicones and vinyl polymers are excellent insulators, but will only barely burn.

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Finally, most hydrocarbons are excellent insulators. These include waxes, oils, natural rubber and most polymers. Strong covalent bonds tend to provide very few free electrons or ions to support electrical conductivity, making them good electrical insulators. Most of these are indeed very flammable, as they are easily oxidised.

Why is the flammability test very important?

Fire accidents caused by flammable clothing in daily life occur frequently at home and abroad. So people are paying more and more attention to the flame-retardant properties of textile and clothing products.

The research of flame retardant performance testing methods is also the focus of scientific researchers.

Most fabrics are naturally susceptible to fire. However, variables such as fiber content, weight, construction, and finishing determine how flammable a fabric is, what happens when it ignites, and how quickly it burns.

Here are some flammability testers for your reference:

UL94 Flame Chamber

1. Horizontal Flammability Tester

2. UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Tester

To learn more about the above Flammability test methods, test standard, fire ratings, and dimensions, please visit our website.

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