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Declassification - Vertical combustion chamber TF312

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Declassification - Vertical combustion chamber TF312

Author: Date :2023-02-13 Views: order

Vertical combustion chamber for measuring the flame resistance of textiles (vertical test), children's pyjamas, children's evening dresses, adults, special industrial clothing, curtains and other products.

Burner automatically ignites the specimen with programmable ignition time; afterflame time and afterglow time are automatically timed and shown on the display. User-friendly control panel with touch screen for easy operation and test results displayed on the screen after the vertical burn test. Includes a non-airflow stainless steel flammable chamber with a viewing window for easy observation of the test. The sample holder, burner and associated hardware are dependent on the test standard and must be specified.

Declassification - Vertical combustion chamber TF312(图1)

The vertical combustion chamber conforms to the standards of

1. Horizontal combustion test: UL94HB (ASTM D 635, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60707, ISO 1210)

2. Vertical combustion test: UL 94 V-0, v-1, or v-2 (ASTM D 3801, IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60707, ISO 1210)

3. 500w (125mm) vertical combustion test: 5VA or 5VB (ASTM D 5048, IEC 60695-11-20, IEC 60707, ISO 9772) 500 W (125mm)

4. Thin material vertical combustion test: VTM-0, VTM-1, or VTM-2 (ASTM D 4804, ISO 9773)

5. Foaming material horizontal combustion test: HF- 1, HF-2 or HBF (ASTM D 4986, ISO 9772)

6. Burner: (ASTM D 5025, ASTM D 5207, ISO 10093, ISO 103351)


System and display programmable PLC and touch screen control Time display and accuracy 0-999.9s, 0.1s

Ignition time 12 +/- 2s or 3 +/- 0.2s

Burner size 10mm / 11mm x barrel length 76+/-6mm

Burner to sample 19 or 17 mm

Stand dimensions external 442 x 76 / 442 x 89mm, internal 356 x 51 mm

Timed PLC control

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