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What is ISO 8124 2 2014 Safety of Toys Part 2 flammability?

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What is ISO 8124 2 2014 Safety of Toys Part 2 flammability?

Author: Date :2023-08-10 Views: order

ISO 8124-2:2014 is an international standard that addresses the safety requirements for flammability of toys. Specifically, it is part 2 of ISO 8124, which focuses on flammability aspects.

The standard sets out guidelines and test methods to assess the flammability properties of toys and ensure their safety during play. It applies to all toys, regardless of their materials or intended age group.

ISO 8124-2:2014 defines various categories of toys based on their fire risk, and each category has specific requirements and test procedures. The standard covers both ignition source, such as the use of a small flame or a heated wire, and the burning behavior of toys, including the extent and speed of flame spread, as well as the production of smoke or toxic fumes.

To comply with this standard, toy manufacturers must conduct flammability tests on their products according to the specific criteria outlined in ISO 8124-2:2014. These tests may include exposing the toys to a flame or applying heat to determine their resistance to ignition, rate of flame spread, and other flammability characteristics. The standard also specifies certain labeling and warning requirements for toys that do not meet the criteria.

ISO 8124-2:2014 was developed to ensure that toys do not pose a significant fire hazard and to protect children from potential injuries or accidents caused by toy fires. Compliance with this standard is important for toy manufacturers, importers, distributors, and regulators to ensure the safety of toys in the market.

It's worth noting that ISO 8124-2:2014 is just one part of the broader ISO 8124 series, which covers various aspects of toy safety, including mechanical and physical properties, chemical properties, and hygiene aspects.

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