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What is the limiting oxygen index of PVC?

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What is the limiting oxygen index of PVC?

Author: Date :2023-08-21 Views: order

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common thermoplastic polymer widely used in various applications. The Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) is a measure of a material's flammability and indicates the minimum concentration of oxygen in a mixture with nitrogen below which the material does not support combustion. The LOI is expressed as a percentage.

The LOI of PVC typically falls within the range of 45 to 50%. This indicates that PVC requires a minimum oxygen concentration of 45-50% to sustain combustion. The high LOI value of PVC suggests that it is a relatively fire-resistant material compared to many other polymers.

It's important to note that the LOI can vary depending on the specific formulation and additives used in PVC, as well as the thickness and processing conditions of the material. Different types of PVC, such as rigid PVC and flexible PVC, may also exhibit slight variations in their LOI values. Therefore, it is recommended to consult the specific manufacturer or reference the technical data sheet for the precise LOI value of a particular PVC formulation.

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