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IEC60695 UL94 Horizontal Vertical Flame Test Chamber for Plastic

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IEC60695 UL94 Horizontal Vertical Flame Test Chamber for Plastic

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IEC 60695 and UL 94 are two plastic combustion performance testing standards that are commonly used to evaluate the burning performance of plastic materials under fire conditions. The test chamber is the equipment used to conduct these tests.

IEC 60695 is a standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that describes a series of test methods and equipment for the evaluation of flammability in electrical and electronic equipment. This includes UL 94 test methods.

UL 94 is a standard developed by Underwriters Laboratories in the United States and is widely used to evaluate the combustion performance of plastic materials. The standard defines different levels of combustion performance, methods of preparation of test samples, and the equipment and parameters required during testing.

The plastic horizontal and vertical burning test chamber is a device used to conduct horizontal burning and vertical burning tests of plastic materials required by IEC 60695 and UL 94 standards. These test chambers usually have the following features:

IEC60695 UL94 Horizontal Vertical Flame Test Chamber for Plastic(图1)

1. Proper layout and size: The test chamber should be of proper size and correct configuration in accordance with the requirements of the standard to ensure the accuracy and comparability of test results.

2. Flame application system: Test chambers are usually equipped with a system that provides a specific flame source for horizontal or vertical combustion testing of plastic materials under standardized conditions.

3. Temperature measurement and control: The test chamber usually has a temperature sensor and control system to monitor and control the temperature of the flame to ensure consistency during the test.

4. Observation window and exhaust system: The test chamber is usually equipped with an observation window to allow the operator to observe the situation of the sample during the combustion process. At the same time, the test chamber will also be equipped with a ventilation system to remove smoke and harmful gases.

These test chambers can be used to conduct a series of combustion performance tests on plastic materials, such as flammability, flame propagation speed, flame retardancy, etc. The use of these devices ensures that plastic materials meet international and industry standard combustion performance requirements, and ensures that appropriate materials can be selected and used in practical applications.

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