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Type of Air Permeability Tester used in fabric

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Type of Air Permeability Tester used in fabric

Author: Date :2023-10-07 Views: order

There are several types of air permeability testers commonly used to measure the air permeability of fabrics. The choice of tester depends on factors such as the specific testing requirements, the standard being followed, and the budget or resources available. Here are three commonly used types of air permeability testers for fabric:

1. Shirley Air Permeability Tester: The Shirley air permeability tester, also known as the Shirley fabric permeability tester, is widely used in the textile industry. It consists of a circular test head with a clamping mechanism to hold the fabric specimen. The test head is connected to a differential pressure gauge or manometer that measures the pressure difference across the fabric. The airflow rate is determined by the pressure difference and the fabric's air permeability.

2. Gurley Air Permeability Tester: The Gurley air permeability tester, named after the Gurley method for air permeability testing, measures the time required for a fixed volume of air to pass through a fabric sample under specific conditions. It typically uses a cylindrical test cell with a fixed area where the fabric is clamped. Air is forced through the fabric, and the time taken for a specific volume of air to pass through is recorded. The lower the time recorded, the higher the air permeability of the fabric.

3. Textest FX 3300 Air Permeability Tester: The Textest FX 3300 is a computerized air permeability tester that provides accurate and automated measurements of fabric air permeability. It features a test head with a circular or square opening where the fabric specimen is placed. The instrument generates a controlled differential pressure across the fabric and measures the airflow rate using sensitive pressure sensors. The results are displayed digitally, and the tester often comes with software for data analysis and reporting.

It's important to note that these are just a few examples of air permeability testers available in the market. Other variations and models may exist, each with its own features and specifications. When selecting an air permeability tester, it is crucial to consider the specific requirements of the testing standard, the accuracy and reliability of the instrument, and any additional features needed for data analysis and reporting.

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