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IEC60335-1 UL Thermoplastics Needle Flame Test Equipment

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IEC60335-1 UL Thermoplastics Needle Flame Test Equipment

Author: Date :2023-11-16 Views: order
(iec60335-1 clause 30-2 )needle flame test machine for ul thermoplastics testing

1.Needle Flame Test Euqipment meets IEC60695

2.Can measure kind of materials

According to IEC60695, ZY3 Needle Flame Tester is applied in the production and quality control department of lighting instrument, hypopiesis electrical apparatus, domestic appliance, machine electric appliance, electrical machine, power tool, electronic instrument, electrician instrument and technical equipment. Also, it is fit for the industry of insulation material, engineering plastics and solid combustible material.

Installation and adjustment of the equipment

1: condition of Installation

a: the equipment should install in the table board and fume hoods,

b: Min. Size of the table board: Length 1400mm * Width 800mm * Height (600 to 800)mm

c: Boundary dimension: Length 1100mm * Width 700mm * Height 1300mm

d: the installation distance of the wall: >200mm will be better

e: Diameter of smoke vent: 100mm

f: Height of table-board keeps 600 to 800mm to convenience the operation

g: Independent test room with necessary exhaust system and fire protection equipment

h: Customer need to prepare the gas (Butane or purity above 95% Propane) and the hydrogen pressure reducing valve yourselves.

2: Adjustment

A: Leak test: check the gas circuit include Air source, Reducing Valve, whether the related adaptor is tightened

 Close the Pressure Regulating Valve, and open the Gas Cylinder

 Adjust the Hydrogen Pressure Reducing Valve smoothly, make the output pressure around 0.2MPa,

 Adjust the control panel of " Pressure Regulating Valve" and make the pressure gage not exceed 0.1MPa/1kg.

 Close the Gas cylinder, wait for 5 minutes, and check the of pressure's situation

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters

Burner Angel

0°, 20°,45°

Flame Height


Needle burner

Height above 35mm, Stainless steel needle Φ0.9mm-Φ0.5mm

Standard Copper Block


Check time


Temperature Test

MAX1050°C ±0.1%


RS (British), Type KΦ0.5, accuracy ±0.05%

Gas variety

Butane or purity above 95%,Propane

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